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NEWORLD Medical Detox offers a professional residential detox treatment.

Our clients have to focus only on their wellbeing. Our highly experienced and professional team will handle every detail.

To guarantee a comfortable stay, NEWORLD amenities/services include:

  • A picturesque 2 acre facility with lots of green areas, trees and flowers providing a serene environment needed for relaxation through the detox process.
  • Spacious living areas with entertainment options.
  • Private rooms.
  • Fresh meals prepared daily. A nutritional program that fits for the detox phase and accelerates recovery.
  • Healthy fresh food and drinks to help replenish low levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • Mini Gym.
  • Yoga sessions.
  • Playstation area.
  • Stress coloring books, board games and reading material.
  • On demand movies.
  • BBQ area.
  • An in-house sauna to help ease stress and accelerates detox process.
  • Massage sessions upon request (extra charge).

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