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Detox is the critical gateway to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse; it comes before any other form of rehabilitation. Medical detox treatment enables those suffering from addiction to overcome withdrawal symptoms with minimal discomfort.

Neworld identified such huge gap in available addiction services, eventhough it is a very much needed approach towards recovery. Neworld provides up-notch professional detox to aid clients through their withdrawal and help for a seamless entry to the longer term treatment program of their choice.

We expect that each and every client suffers from a unique, specific health problems and concerns alongside their addiction. We understand that this might not be the first time clients attempted recovery and detox. Our detox programs are specifically designed to address such concerns through the provision of individualized attention required to reach the recovery goals. Our professional team is able to identify what approaches work best for each client, hence develop the best treatment plan and withdrawal management protocol. The result is a smooth withdrawal experience!

To ensure that we provide that undivided attention and care each of our clients deserve, our medical detox service is restricted to a limited number of residents at a time. At our countryside facility , we deliver individually tailored detox protocols to ensure a smooth withdrawal from drug and alcohol dependency.  We will help you get ready for a new world!

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