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Ottawa Detox Centre for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Neworld Medical Detox Centre in Ottawa, Ontario

Neworld Medical Detox Centre is an upscale residential drug and alcohol detox treatment facility that offers services to the residents of Ottawa. The Neworld addiction medical withdrawal management Centre is the destination for many Ottawans as well as residents from across Ontario. At Neworld, we have special medical detox programs for all kinds of substance abuse issues, be it alcohol, any type of illicit drugs and pain meds or prescription drugs. We also have a program for clients who want to get off Methadone completely. Our detox programs are available to a small number of guests to ensure that we are able to provide complete attention and care to each client staying at Neworld. At Neworld, our motto is to work attentively towards restoring each client’s health and vitality while assisting them in experiencing a safe and comfortable withdrawal. We also guide our clients in developing an appropriate post detox long term addiction treatment plan.

What does Neworld Medical Detox offer

Here, at Neworld Medical Detox Centre, we do all we can to make sure your withdrawal is as safe and comfortable as possible in a home-like environment. Away from the hubbub of the city, this stay-in facility offers a professionally managed withdrawal management program in a serene setting. Neworld Detox Centre helps start the recovery journey by providing a top quality medical service to our clients:

24/7 certified nurses available on site to monitor your withdrawal and dispense medications accordingly based on our doctor’s instructions

Doctor available on site in-person for you as much as needed

Our addiction counsellor will spend time with you while you are detoxing to help you develop your post detox addiction treatment plans

A beautiful facility with ample greenery and flowers

Comfortable living space with a variety of entertainment options

Well maintained private and semi-private rooms with all the necessary features

We have gym equipment and a sauna on site

We provide a healthy nutritional program to all our clients during the detox process, which includes salads, veggies, minerals and vitamins to make up for the body’s nutritional deficiencies while bearing in mind food allergies or special dietary needs of each client

The facility is under constant video surveillance 24/7 for our clients’ and staffs’ security and safety

The detox centre has an advanced fire alarm system

The centre is well set up with designer furniture, colors and accessories that are chosen to exude serenity and calmness

Our highly efficient care team diligently watches over our clients making sure they receive a safe and comfortable professionally managed medical detox

Drug & Alcohol Detox Program Benefits

The team of professionals at Neworld drug and alcohol detox Centre boasts over 20 years of experience in medical detox. We specialize in handling withdrawals professionally and safely under a 24/7 medical observation. We offer a tailored and personalized treatment following up-to-date detox methods while regularly reviewing its effectiveness. At Neworld, we provide you useful and directional guidance for a variety of post-detox rehabilitation treatment recovery options. We help you choose the best suited rehabilitation option for you – residential or out-patient rehabilitation, private or government funded Centres and so on. We ensure every client receives a psycho-social valuation by our professional team. Our program includes treatment for the following drugs and substances among others:












Prescription medication misuse:





Other sleeping/mood altering medications,

Neworld Medical Detox delivers exclusively planned detox procedures that ensure smooth withdrawal from drug and alcohol dependency. We will help you prepare better for a new world!