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Reviews & Testimonials by Clients

"Where to start? For me personally there are so many positive things to say about my stay but every in house staff member in this facility are some of the most amazing individuals i have had the pleasure to meet. The on hand care and the amazingly relaxing atmosphere was truly heartwarming and I would recommend to anyone who is scared or unsure about their issues to take the time to either come check this place in person or to check it out online. The staff is second to none. Thanks to ALL of you." - Jacob, Etobicoke, Ontario

"Thank you for everything Neworld has done for my daughter. You are in our hearts. Dr. Khaled, if there is anything you ever need help with, you only need to call..." - Father of Anonymous, Toronto

"My detox went smooth, the staff and the doctor were compassionate and did everything in their power to make my stay here at Neworld as comfortable as possible." - Bradley, Toronto

"Neworld was excellent and all the staff made a big effort. The medical services were very good and the house+grounds magnificent and well maintained. I was fully detoxed after 48 hours. Best regards." - Anonymous, Collingwood, Ontario

"The staff was extremely helpful. Nice accommodation, very clean and lots of food provided. A nice escape for a few days." - Anonymous, Kitchener

"Great stay! Great staff "all staff". Love how this place is run. I have been to a lot of places, and this was the best! " - Brian, Ontario

"Neworld Detox is a very comfortable place. Staff all very friendly and I was quite surprised by this judging from past experience. Dr Khaled is a very understanding doctor. I felt very comfortable discussing my issues with him. All employees are very friendly and accommodating. Also, it is a very clean facility." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Being on heroin and methadone for 10 years, my wife and I decided this is it. It is the first and last place I will ever need for a new life. I am blown away to be leaving here clean after just seven days. The nurses are amazing over and over. Facility was top notch so was the food." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I really enjoyed my time at Neworld Detox. 10/10 rating. Staff were all professional and friendly. Meals were always healthy and plentiful, and I have gained over 5 lbs. Nutrition and weight gain was a secondary concern after detoxing from alcohol use. Nursing staff took my concerns seriously. very professional and friendly. House keeping staff did a wonderful job. Massage and sauna were nice perks. rooms and beds were very luxurious. Washroom facilities/Jacuzzi were top notch." - Glenn, Ontario

"Housekeeping and nursing staff had provided exceptional service to myself as a client. The patience they had through a struggling withdrawal is what I appreciated most. The entire staff were excellent and provided companionship as well as advice for treatment post detox. Thank you to everyone for making this a home environment not a militant detox." - Brandon, Ontario

"I found my time at Neworld to be both helpful in my journey through addiction while at the same time it gave me a safe environment through one of the most challenging times. Neworld really felt like a second home to me. I had great friends here and the staff was amazing here. After detox at Neworld I feel prepared to make the changes necessary to commit to the rehab program that our amazing counselor Sandra set me up with. My time at Neworld was both therapeutic and healing and made me realize my potential and how much better life be after this journey is complete." - John, Barrie

"The entire staff was excellent. extremely friendly and supportive during the most difficult time of my life. I am sincerely grateful for Neworld. Thank you." - Maryann, Toronto

"This place was actually a pleasurable way to detox in a peaceful non hectic environment. Also great food and not having to worry about making it yourself. the staff was very helpful and polite." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Everyone here has been great to me, staff nurses, managers and doctor are amazing. Thank you." - Jesse, Sarnia

"was "smooth and comfortable". Staff were great and always put the patient first. Got to meet most of the nurses and helpers and they all were AMAZING." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Great people to help and food is also great. A good place to detox in comfort. Neat perfect setup." - Anonymous, Ontario

"It was pretty smooth withdrawal I went through. people who work here are great. I would rate 4.5 out of 5." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Have never experienced a smoother withdraw in my life. Nurses and housekeepers and helpful and empathetic." - Rob, Toronto

"I had a lovely stay. The staff are all great, friendly and will help in any way they can. Great doctor, great nurses, great rooms." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Staff was friendly and attentive and always available. Program was effective for my needs. Nice rural setting especially in fall." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Score 15 out of 10!. Operations management: empathetic/non judgmental, confidential. I asked for a few items and they were granted. overall very professional and kind. general staffing: excellent. I was properly medically detoxed. I was fed very well.. I was more content here instead of home." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Absolutely excellent. Staff was knowledgeable and very kind and understanding. I could stay here forever they were that good!" - Ken, Ontario

"Everyone was very nice and helpful with my detox. The facility was very clean and everyday I was asked if I wanted anything.The next day what I ask for was right there. I would recommend it to anyone who needed it. The Dr was very nice and helpful as well. I just wish I could do my rehab here as well." - Tim, GTA

"Staff are a very caring and cohesive unit. They met my needs with smiles on their faces always. I feel sad that my time here is finished. I am apprehensive about the next step of my treatment, but "one day at a time".." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Excellent staff. Comfortable surrounding. Great food. Made me feel completely at ease. Everyone was very approachable." - Marc, GTA

"I could not have obtain my success without each and everyone of them. Thank you.
I would highly recommend a stay at Neworld Medical Detox was treated with dignity and highly cared about. The nurses and staff were a plus 10 always asking are you alright do you feel ok. Management and doctor's ethics were greatly appreciated. At no time did I feel nothing but their true high professionalism. They made one of the hardest problem I have has in my life go as smooth ass they could make it. I would like to thank everyone including all staff for making me feel welcome and secure with my problem. That was obtain with success only by their help. Sincerely. Thank you." - Victoria, Belleville

"Everyone was great. Facility was very comfortable. Friendly staff. Thanks for the opportunity." - Marco, Ontario

"Very impressed with facility and staff. Not sure I could have done it without this place. Staff made all the difference in my recovery and they were absolutely AMAZING!" - Shane, Toronto

"My detox was so unbelievable smooth. I loved the people I have to say everyone makes it perfect as a team. Having said that, Satwinder made my detox more than bearable. Thank you Mohamed, Nicole, Satwinder and Marley so much for all your help and effort. You all saved my life. Thank you all so much. " - Anonymous, Ontario

"I feel extremely fortunate to have been admitted to Neworld. Every staff member was genuinely wonderful caring human beings. The care and companionship I received was amazing. After 8 years of methadone after 13 years of oxycontin IM FREE. I owe everyone here for giving me my life back." - James, Ontario

"As a healthcare professional I was hesitant to seek help for my "problem". However the private facility at Neworld kept everything anonymous. The staff was very professional and friendly and there with me along my short but difficult journey. My experience here was far better than I had anticipated and would highly recommend Neworld detox to anyone battling the disease of addiction. Thank you Neworld." - Anonymous, Toronto

"very clean + comfortable. Hospitable nurses. Decent food. Excellent care in times of illness. Very compassionate. Rating 4/5." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I had a great experience at Neworld Detox. Very comfortable environment, very accommodating. The nurses, doctor and management go to great lengths to help you and make you feel welcomed and home. Anything you need they are there. Very homey (non-hospitalized) setting. I highly recommend Neworld Detox." - Chad, Ontario

"I think the facility and program is a great one. Staff were excellent!! Good experience overall and would recommend to others. Keep doing what you are doing." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Very easy intake and comfortable environment. Staff could not have been more approachable and accommodating. Would recommend to others in need." - Anonymous, Toronto, Ontario.

"The staff really, really, really made a huge impression on me. From Dr. Khaled to Nicole, everyone made my detox process as smooth and painless as possible. I couldn't thank you enough. I thank my family for being able to find you and trusting your care." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Staff are excellent. I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you." - Anonymous, Ontario

"i was very impressed with Neworld. It is a very comforting environment which I believe is essential for detoxification. The staff and service was remarkable and I would recommend Neworld to anyone who needs detox." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Very smooth detox. Best if the three I"ve done." - Joel, Cambridge

"The staff was excellent and quite a comfortable environment. I felt that everyone was very accommodating with meds or needs." - Anonymous, Burlington

"The physical facility is beautiful and completely appointed with all the amenities of comfort. The rooms are spacious and private. First and foremost however are the staff - they are kind, professional, knowledgeable and helpful at all hours of the day and night. It is truly a fantastic facility that I would highly recommend." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Everything was great. Comfortable clean rooms. Helpful friendly staff. Lots of great food. The staff and nurses were always available." - Valerie, Georgetown

"I was very comfortable during my stay at Neworld. The staff were phenomenal, constantly ensuring day by day that I felt like I was at home. Very thorough and always maintaining a positive attitude. I feel my stay at Neworld is a great start to my recovery. I am very grateful for being a part of this program. Thank you to everyone." - Anonymous, Georgetown

"Thank you so very much to all the doctor, nurses and staff at Neworld. My stay here was extremely smooth and comfortable. I felt safe, secure and confident and would regain good health. I cant think of anything I would change or add. The service provided was excellent. The staff caring and compassionate." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Where to start? For me personally there are so many positive things to say about my stay but every in house staff member in this facility are some of the most amazing individuals i have had the pleasure to meet. The on hand care and the amazingly relaxing atmosphere was truly heartwarming and I would recommend to anyone who is scared or unsure about their issues to take the time to either come check this place in person or to check it out online. The staff is second to none. Thanks to ALL of you." - Anonymous, Brampton

"Could not have been better. Amazing staff!" - Anonymous, Ontario

"This place is an amazing and beautiful detox to attend. I highly recommend people to come." - Anonymous, Ontario

"When I first got here I was not sure what I was getting into. Within 4 minutes of my mom leaving me Kayla came upstairs and offered me a smoothie followed by that Satwinder and I watched movies downstairs and hung out. Every day every staff member and everyone I got to meet along the way was beyond incredible. Caring, good company enjoyable to be around. I felt I was in a great place. Satwinder, Jas, Reisha and Kayla were beyond incredible and I am thankful for them and other staff was great as well! I would recommend this place 100% and I will send in via email a more extensive feedback on how absolutely incredible my stay was here! THANK YOU!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"The decision to come here was very difficult to make but after struggling with trying on my own, seeing a number of counselors and believing I could beat this was just fooling myself. Staying here, the atmosphere and especially the great staff (nurses, doctor and Sandra) were such a real boost that I needed. I hope with an exit plan to follow up on will ensure that I be able to get back to being the husband, dad and grandparent my family deserves. As much as anything, having the time to reflect on my past actions and behavior without any outside distraction, stresses etc and the first real honest attempt to put the past behind me and look forward to the future. I am not sure what my last day here entails but again, hope for some solid go ahead plan to help with my determination to stay on this track. Thanks to everyone at NEWORLD." - Ian, Brampton

"For me withdrawal management was smooth and simple. I had proper rest and great care. The service provided is great. The staff are both helpful and caring." - Anonymous, Burlington

"The owners are very welcoming and sympathetic. Nice living quarters, beautiful property! What really makes the centre so special are the nurses! All of them are so nice and comforting which made my stay so much easier , Whenever I needed them they would do all they could to make me feel less anxious. The housekeeping staff is more than amazing. I spent the week with Kayla who is the hardest worker woman, very king and so helpful." - Louise, Oakville

"Everything was great. All staff were very comforting and helpful." - Chase, Haliburton

"Great hospitality. Nurses are always willing to help with withdrawals. Great place. I came off of fentanyl in three days." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I didnt know what to make of the place at first, but once I became installed in the place I felt quite at home and cared for. The staff went out of the way to make sure my difficult detox as soothing and easy as possible. Overall A++!" - Philip, Mono

"Felt like I am in a vacation. Pleasant staff. After 13 years of heavy drinking I can't even believe Neworld Medical showed me a new world. I don't feel I am in a detox program. " - Anonymous, Brampton

"Very homey place. Lots of great staff. Appreciated all the support and "creative comforts". As well, the staff were all extremely supportive and understanding. Appreciated the food/movie/activity chores. Overall a great experience and appreciated my stay. Thanks to all for all the support and care." - Anonymous, Cambridge

"Beautiful and clean facility. The grounds are very lovely and help to relax the mind and soul. The nurses were always available when needed and never hesitated to assist you. I feel I was treated very respectfully which is important when one is going through a shameful experience (addiction). Dr Khaled, Mo and Tarek were all wise and wonderful to me. Lastly Scott was so helpful and lent me an ear many times." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Neworld ensures that the detox process is taken care of appropriately with careful attention to detail. The environment is far from clinical feeling. Rather it is resort like private but secure. Nonetheless there are professionals available 24 hours/7 to make the process painless and surprisingly enjoyable." - Christopher, Vancouver

"I will forever be grateful to everyone at Neworld, staff and patients. You have all helped a lot and allowed me to get my life back and out of the hell I was in. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 10/10." - Braden, North York

"I had a wonderful stay. The staff went above and beyond to make me feel at home. The nurses truly care about their patients and became like friends. I will miss being here." - Cody, Markham

"Top notch operation. Superb caring staff. Would recommend this place to anyone in need." - Bruce, Montreal

"Everything was great. Staff is amazing! Everyone very helpful and kind. Did not want to leave. Never felt withdrawals. Very smooth detox. Thank you all very much." - Hilary, Erin

"A very comfortable environment. The staff was great and made it much easier. I felt safe and that the process was smooth." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I feel this detox was the best thing that ever happened to me. I cant thank all the wonderful kind caring staff. I would 100% recommend this medical detox to anyone. I cant be happier to have spent 7 days here. I did not want to leave. I have no negative things I feel detox medical place saved my life. I absolutely cant thank all the nurses the housekeepers and management. They always had food and everything I needed. They even did my laundry. I appreciate everything and have no complaints." - Amber, Oshawa

"Best treatment and friendly staff I have ever expected or ever met. If I could stay longer I would do so gladly. I haven't felt better physically/mentally in years and they turned that all around in only 8 days. I am greatly appreciative. Thank you all! I think you all do a wonderful service here. To give people their lives back. Thanks again." - David, Fergus

"You saved my life. I could not have made it on my own. All of the staff were incredible. Everyday my needs were addressed and solved. I love everyone here." - Gregory, Ottawa

"Very very nice staff for the most part. House is beautiful and always full of good people and good food. I was able to rest and relax as much as desired. Beautiful serene country location." - Jeremy, Oakville

"Was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so helpful. Couldn't ask for anything better." - Josh, Burlington

"I had a very positive experience here. The staff and nurses were extremely understanding and compassionate and the food was fabulous. I would highly recommend Neworld for detox (if you can afford it)." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Amazing staff. Very clean facility. Very patient and helpful nurses." - Salam, Milton

"I found the staff to be extremely helpful, compassionate and caring. The facility was clean and well kept. The fact that food/snacks were available at all times was comforting. All in all it was a wonderful place in a rough time." - Alyson, Whitby

"I had an amazing experience. The nurses were awesome. Thank you all very much." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Could not ask for better care. Was A+ in all areas. Nurses are unreal and wanting to help at all times. Nicole is amazing as well. Fell great leaving." - Josh, Burlington

"They took incredible care of me. They kept my mind off of crack cocaine and made me feel at home." - Daniel, Thornhill

"What a wonderful place. Great staff, doctor and nurses and great food." - Anonymous, Grand Valley

"Excellent program. Really appreciate the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. Staff (literally everyone) is incredibly supportive and caring unlike any experience I have had at other detox facilities." - Andrew, Waterdown Hamilton

"Things were amazing. You guys are very kind, generous and personable. I very much so appreciated all the help that was given to me. Also very respectful." - Brenden, Toronto

"What a wonderful place. Great staff, doctor and nurses and great food." - Anonymous, Grand Valley

"What can I say. While I wish I did not need to come here, I was in a state that required it. For that I am glad I made the decision to come to Neworld. Sadly this is not my first "vacation" of this nature. That said, the care and compassion I received was simply the best I have ever experienced." - Win, Toronto

"Friendly easy going staff that genuinely care for each individual client. Always present when you need anything. GREAT FOOD. Beautiful accommodation and property. Doctor is very nice. Nurses all amazing. Nicole and Kayla are very hard working and easy to talk to. Enara and Mansour very patient oriented and caring. Loved the meditation session I had during my stay." - Caitlin, Oshawa

"I have had a wonderful and productive experience here. I came here very nervous and anxious, not knowing what to expect. All the staff are wonderful human beings that truly take pride in their work. I am leaving today feeling like a new man with a new lease on life. Thank you all for saving my life. I will miss you all. GOB BLESS. Great job guys and gals!!" - Anonymous, Markham

"I found it was a great environment. The people treat me like a brother. The doctor was very professional and friendly. All the owners were class people. The nurses and Nicole so good!! O yes the food is great. Sandra the counselor is very great also." - Scott, Ontario

"Staff was incredible. Kind and very understanding. They created a family environment under what is no doubt a challenging situation for their guests. My fellow house guests were fantastic and we intend on keeping in touch. Thank you!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"I arrived directly from the airport. From intake through to discharge I found all the staff to be compassionate, friendly and accommodating. Often going beyond the call of duty." - Brad, Waterdown

"Fantastic facility. Staff are all amazing including nurses and cleaning staff. Kitchen fully stocked and will provide any food/snacks you need 24/7. Neworld allows lots of flexibility with 24 h nursing. Lots of TVs, playstation, gym, sauna. A great caring team and setting." - Geoff, Scarborough

"I had an amazing time. The staff are very friendly and supportive 24/7. It just felt like at home. I am leaving this place with positive energy." - Anonymous, Scarborough

"I have never felt more loved, taken care of and relaxed in my life. Neworld made the most difficult time in my life one of the most pleasant. I would recommend without hesitation. I could not say one bad word. My time at Neworld was beyond beneficial. It saved my life.
I will miss you all." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Excellent care. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. Non-judgemental, professional in every sense of the word." - Ian, Toronto

"Great experience. Nurses were extremely amazing. Housekeepers were wonderful. Best hospitality ever." - Akshay, Brampton

"My feedback is only thankfulness! Everyone treated me with kindness and respect which you do not find that anywhere when it comes to people like us." - Anonymous, Hamilton

"I am so happy I did not go through pain or anything. Everything was provided 100%. The service provided was great. I am speechless. I would recommend this for anybody. One of the most comfortable places I have been. It was like a vacation." - Amir, Windsor

"Very friendly staff. Great environment. Very cosy rooms for well-being and treatment, Special thanks to Sat, Nina and Kayla," - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Extremely lovely staff who are very caring and respectful. There was never an issue getting me anything I needed." - Anonymous, Toronto

"I enjoyed being here, I got along with everybody and the staff was really friendly and helpful." - Anonymous, Bolton

"I chose Neworld after extensively researching my options after I failed rehab attempts. I am leaving on day 8 and did not have one bad day. They have mastered the detox process. I wouldn't change anything, exceptional staff and owners." - Mike, Halifax

"Your staff and the help they provide has been A1 100%. I am glad I had a chance to experience and have them beside me to help with my problem. The facility is just amazing, and I would recommend to anybody I know. Thank you for having me and helping my problem with drinking! Your staff makes your company. Send your family here if you love them. " - Anonymous, Pefferlaw

"Very pleasant home like surrounding. Friendly and comforting staff. Good food." - Anonymous, Toronto