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Reviews & Testimonials by Clients

"Where to start? For me personally there are so many positive things to say about my stay but every in house staff member in this facility are some of the most amazing individuals i have had the pleasure to meet. The on hand care and the amazingly relaxing atmosphere was truly heartwarming and I would recommend to anyone who is scared or unsure about their issues to take the time to either come check this place in person or to check it out online. The staff is second to none. Thanks to ALL of you." - Jacob, Etobicoke, Ontario

"My detox went smooth, the staff and the doctor were compassionate and did everything in their power to make my stay here at Neworld as comfortable as possible." - Bradley, Toronto

"Neworld was excellent and all the staff made a big effort. The medical services were very good and the house+grounds magnificent and well maintained. I was fully detoxed after 48 hours. Best regards." - Anonymous, Collingwood, Ontario

"The staff was extremely helpful. Nice accommodation, very clean and lots of food provided. A nice escape for a few days." - Anonymous, Kitchener

"Great stay! Great staff "all staff". Love how this place is run. I have been to a lot of places, and this was the best! " - Brian, Ontario

"I really enjoyed my time at Neworld Detox. 10/10 rating. Staff were all professional and friendly. Meals were always healthy and plentiful, and I have gained over 5 lbs. Nutrition and weight gain was a secondary concern after detoxing from alcohol use. Nursing staff took my concerns seriously. very professional and friendly. House keeping staff did a wonderful job. Massage and sauna were nice perks. rooms and beds were very luxurious. Washroom facilities/Jacuzzi were top notch." - Glenn, Ontario

"Housekeeping and nursing staff had provided exceptional service to myself as a client. The patience they had through a struggling withdrawal is what I appreciated most. The entire staff were excellent and provided companionship as well as advice for treatment post detox. Thank you to everyone for making this a home environment not a militant detox." - Brandon, Ontario

"I found my time at Neworld to be both helpful in my journey through addiction while at the same time it gave me a safe environment through one of the most challenging times. Neworld really felt like a second home to me. I had great friends here and the staff was amazing here. After detox at Neworld I feel prepared to make the changes necessary to commit to the rehab program that our amazing counselor Sandra set me up with. My time at Neworld was both therapeutic and healing and made me realize my potential and how much better life be after this journey is complete." - John, Barrie

"The entire staff was excellent. extremely friendly and supportive during the most difficult time of my life. I am sincerely grateful for Neworld. Thank you." - Maryann, Toronto

"This place was actually a pleasurable way to detox in a peaceful non hectic environment. Also great food and not having to worry about making it yourself. the staff was very helpful and polite." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Everyone here has been great to me, staff nurses, managers and doctor are amazing. Thank you." - Jesse, Sarnia

"was "smooth and comfortable". Staff were great and always put the patient first. Got to meet most of the nurses and helpers and they all were AMAZING." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Great people to help and food is also great. A good place to detox in comfort. Neat perfect setup." - Anonymous, Ontario

"It was pretty smooth withdrawal I went through. people who work here are great. I would rate 4.5 out of 5." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Have never experienced a smoother withdraw in my life. Nurses and housekeepers and helpful and empathetic." - Rob, Toronto

"I had a lovely stay. The staff are all great, friendly and will help in any way they can. Great doctor, great nurses, great rooms." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Absolutely excellent. Staff was knowledgeable and very kind and understanding. I could stay here forever they were that good!" - Ken, Ontario

"Everyone was very nice and helpful with my detox. The facility was very clean and everyday I was asked if I wanted anything.The next day what I ask for was right there. I would recommend it to anyone who needed it. The Dr was very nice and helpful as well. I just wish I could do my rehab here as well." - Tim, GTA

"Excellent staff. Comfortable surrounding. Great food. Made me feel completely at ease. Everyone was very approachable." - Marc, GTA

"Everyone was great. Facility was very comfortable. Friendly staff. Thanks for the opportunity." - Marco, Ontario

"Very impressed with facility and staff. Not sure I could have done it without this place. Staff made all the difference in my recovery and they were absolutely AMAZING!" - Shane, Toronto

"My detox was so unbelievable smooth. I loved the people I have to say everyone makes it perfect as a team. Having said that, Satwinder made my detox more than bearable. Thank you Mohamed, Nicole, Satwinder and Marley so much for all your help and effort. You all saved my life. Thank you all so much. " - Anonymous, Ontario

"I feel extremely fortunate to have been admitted to Neworld. Every staff member was genuinely wonderful caring human beings. The care and companionship I received was amazing. After 8 years of methadone after 13 years of oxycontin IM FREE. I owe everyone here for giving me my life back." - James, Ontario

"As a healthcare professional I was hesitant to seek help for my "problem". However the private facility at Neworld kept everything anonymous. The staff was very professional and friendly and there with me along my short but difficult journey. My experience here was far better than I had anticipated and would highly recommend Neworld detox to anyone battling the disease of addiction. Thank you Neworld." - Anonymous, Toronto

"very clean + comfortable. Hospitable nurses. Decent food. Excellent care in times of illness. Very compassionate. Rating 4/5." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I had a great experience at Neworld Detox. Very comfortable environment, very accommodating. The nurses, doctor and management go to great lengths to help you and make you feel welcomed and home. Anything you need they are there. Very homey (non-hospitalized) setting. I highly recommend Neworld Detox." - Chad, Ontario

"I think the facility and program is a great one. Staff were excellent!! Good experience overall and would recommend to others. Keep doing what you are doing." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Very easy intake and comfortable environment. Staff could not have been more approachable and accommodating. Would recommend to others in need." - Anonymous, Toronto, Ontario.

"Staff are excellent. I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Very smooth detox. Best if the three I"ve done." - Joel, Cambridge

"The staff was excellent and quite a comfortable environment. I felt that everyone was very accommodating with meds or needs." - Anonymous, Burlington

"The physical facility is beautiful and completely appointed with all the amenities of comfort. The rooms are spacious and private. First and foremost however are the staff - they are kind, professional, knowledgeable and helpful at all hours of the day and night. It is truly a fantastic facility that I would highly recommend." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Everything was great. Comfortable clean rooms. Helpful friendly staff. Lots of great food. The staff and nurses were always available." - Valerie, Georgetown

"I was very comfortable during my stay at Neworld. The staff were phenomenal, constantly ensuring day by day that I felt like I was at home. Very thorough and always maintaining a positive attitude. I feel my stay at Neworld is a great start to my recovery. I am very grateful for being a part of this program. Thank you to everyone." - Anonymous, Georgetown

"Thank you so very much to all the doctor, nurses and staff at Neworld. My stay here was extremely smooth and comfortable. I felt safe, secure and confident and would regain good health. I cant think of anything I would change or add. The service provided was excellent. The staff caring and compassionate." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Where to start? For me personally there are so many positive things to say about my stay but every in house staff member in this facility are some of the most amazing individuals i have had the pleasure to meet. The on hand care and the amazingly relaxing atmosphere was truly heartwarming and I would recommend to anyone who is scared or unsure about their issues to take the time to either come check this place in person or to check it out online. The staff is second to none. Thanks to ALL of you." - Anonymous, Brampton

"Could not have been better. Amazing staff!" - Anonymous, Ontario

"This place is an amazing and beautiful detox to attend. I highly recommend people to come." - Anonymous, Ontario

"When I first got here I was not sure what I was getting into. Within 4 minutes of my mom leaving me Kayla came upstairs and offered me a smoothie followed by that Satwinder and I watched movies downstairs and hung out. Every day every staff member and everyone I got to meet along the way was beyond incredible. Caring, good company enjoyable to be around. I felt I was in a great place. Satwinder, Jas, Reisha and Kayla were beyond incredible and I am thankful for them and other staff was great as well! I would recommend this place 100% and I will send in via email a more extensive feedback on how absolutely incredible my stay was here! THANK YOU!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"The decision to come here was very difficult to make but after struggling with trying on my own, seeing a number of counselors and believing I could beat this was just fooling myself. Staying here, the atmosphere and especially the great staff (nurses, doctor and Sandra) were such a real boost that I needed. I hope with an exit plan to follow up on will ensure that I be able to get back to being the husband, dad and grandparent my family deserves. As much as anything, having the time to reflect on my past actions and behavior without any outside distraction, stresses etc and the first real honest attempt to put the past behind me and look forward to the future. I am not sure what my last day here entails but again, hope for some solid go ahead plan to help with my determination to stay on this track. Thanks to everyone at NEWORLD." - Ian, Brampton

"For me withdrawal management was smooth and simple. I had proper rest and great care. The service provided is great. The staff are both helpful and caring." - Anonymous, Burlington

"The owners are very welcoming and sympathetic. Nice living quarters, beautiful property! What really makes the centre so special are the nurses! All of them are so nice and comforting which made my stay so much easier , Whenever I needed them they would do all they could to make me feel less anxious. The housekeeping staff is more than amazing. I spent the week with Kayla who is the hardest worker woman, very king and so helpful." - Louise, Oakville

"Everything was great. All staff were very comforting and helpful." - Chase, Haliburton

"Great hospitality. Nurses are always willing to help with withdrawals. Great place. I came off of fentanyl in three days." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I didnt know what to make of the place at first, but once I became installed in the place I felt quite at home and cared for. The staff went out of the way to make sure my difficult detox as soothing and easy as possible. Overall A++!" - Philip, Mono

"Felt like I am in a vacation. Pleasant staff. After 13 years of heavy drinking I can't even believe Neworld Medical showed me a new world. I don't feel I am in a detox program. " - Anonymous, Brampton

"Very homey place. Lots of great staff. Appreciated all the support and "creative comforts". As well, the staff were all extremely supportive and understanding. Appreciated the food/movie/activity chores. Overall a great experience and appreciated my stay. Thanks to all for all the support and care." - Anonymous, Cambridge

"Beautiful and clean facility. The grounds are very lovely and help to relax the mind and soul. The nurses were always available when needed and never hesitated to assist you. I feel I was treated very respectfully which is important when one is going through a shameful experience (addiction). Dr Khaled, Mo and Tarek were all wise and wonderful to me. Lastly Scott was so helpful and lent me an ear many times." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Neworld ensures that the detox process is taken care of appropriately with careful attention to detail. The environment is far from clinical feeling. Rather it is resort like private but secure. Nonetheless there are professionals available 24 hours/7 to make the process painless and surprisingly enjoyable." - Christopher, Vancouver

"I will forever be grateful to everyone at Neworld, staff and patients. You have all helped a lot and allowed me to get my life back and out of the hell I was in. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 10/10." - Braden, North York

"I had a wonderful stay. The staff went above and beyond to make me feel at home. The nurses truly care about their patients and became like friends. I will miss being here." - Cody, Markham

"Top notch operation. Superb caring staff. Would recommend this place to anyone in need." - Bruce, Montreal

"Everything was great. Staff is amazing! Everyone very helpful and kind. Did not want to leave. Never felt withdrawals. Very smooth detox. Thank you all very much." - Hilary, Erin

"A very comfortable environment. The staff was great and made it much easier. I felt safe and that the process was smooth." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I feel this detox was the best thing that ever happened to me. I cant thank all the wonderful kind caring staff. I would 100% recommend this medical detox to anyone. I cant be happier to have spent 7 days here. I did not want to leave. I have no negative things I feel detox medical place saved my life. I absolutely cant thank all the nurses the housekeepers and management. They always had food and everything I needed. They even did my laundry. I appreciate everything and have no complaints." - Amber, Oshawa

"Best treatment and friendly staff I have ever expected or ever met. If I could stay longer I would do so gladly. I haven't felt better physically/mentally in years and they turned that all around in only 8 days. I am greatly appreciative. Thank you all! I think you all do a wonderful service here. To give people their lives back. Thanks again." - David, Fergus

"You saved my life. I could not have made it on my own. All of the staff were incredible. Everyday my needs were addressed and solved. I love everyone here." - Gregory, Ottawa

"Very very nice staff for the most part. House is beautiful and always full of good people and good food. I was able to rest and relax as much as desired. Beautiful serene country location." - Jeremy, Oakville

"Was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so helpful. Couldn't ask for anything better." - Josh, Burlington

"I had a very positive experience here. The staff and nurses were extremely understanding and compassionate and the food was fabulous. I would highly recommend Neworld for detox (if you can afford it)." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Amazing staff. Very clean facility. Very patient and helpful nurses." - Salam, Milton

"I found the staff to be extremely helpful, compassionate and caring. The facility was clean and well kept. The fact that food/snacks were available at all times was comforting. All in all it was a wonderful place in a rough time." - Alyson, Whitby

"I had an amazing experience. The nurses were awesome. Thank you all very much." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Could not ask for better care. Was A+ in all areas. Nurses are unreal and wanting to help at all times. Nicole is amazing as well. Fell great leaving." - Josh, Burlington

"They took incredible care of me. They kept my mind off of crack cocaine and made me feel at home." - Daniel, Thornhill

"What a wonderful place. Great staff, doctor and nurses and great food." - Anonymous, Grand Valley

"Excellent program. Really appreciate the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. Staff (literally everyone) is incredibly supportive and caring unlike any experience I have had at other detox facilities." - Andrew, Waterdown Hamilton

"Things were amazing. You guys are very kind, generous and personable. I very much so appreciated all the help that was given to me. Also very respectful." - Brenden, Toronto

"What a wonderful place. Great staff, doctor and nurses and great food." - Anonymous, Grand Valley

"What can I say. While I wish I did not need to come here, I was in a state that required it. For that I am glad I made the decision to come to Neworld. Sadly this is not my first "vacation" of this nature. That said, the care and compassion I received was simply the best I have ever experienced." - Win, Toronto

"Friendly easy going staff that genuinely care for each individual client. Always present when you need anything. GREAT FOOD. Beautiful accommodation and property. Doctor is very nice. Nurses all amazing. Nicole and Kayla are very hard working and easy to talk to. Enara and Mansour very patient oriented and caring. Loved the meditation session I had during my stay." - Caitlin, Oshawa

"I have had a wonderful and productive experience here. I came here very nervous and anxious, not knowing what to expect. All the staff are wonderful human beings that truly take pride in their work. I am leaving today feeling like a new man with a new lease on life. Thank you all for saving my life. I will miss you all. GOB BLESS. Great job guys and gals!!" - Anonymous, Markham

"I found it was a great environment. The people treat me like a brother. The doctor was very professional and friendly. All the owners were class people. The nurses and Nicole so good!! O yes the food is great. Sandra the counselor is very great also." - Scott, Ontario

"Staff was incredible. Kind and very understanding. They created a family environment under what is no doubt a challenging situation for their guests. My fellow house guests were fantastic and we intend on keeping in touch. Thank you!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"I arrived directly from the airport. From intake through to discharge I found all the staff to be compassionate, friendly and accommodating. Often going beyond the call of duty." - Brad, Waterdown

"Fantastic facility. Staff are all amazing including nurses and cleaning staff. Kitchen fully stocked and will provide any food/snacks you need 24/7. Neworld allows lots of flexibility with 24 h nursing. Lots of TVs, playstation, gym, sauna. A great caring team and setting." - Geoff, Scarborough

"I had an amazing time. The staff are very friendly and supportive 24/7. It just felt like at home. I am leaving this place with positive energy." - Anonymous, Scarborough

"I have never felt more loved, taken care of and relaxed in my life. Neworld made the most difficult time in my life one of the most pleasant. I would recommend without hesitation. I could not say one bad word. My time at Neworld was beyond beneficial. It saved my life.
I will miss you all." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Excellent care. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. Non-judgemental, professional in every sense of the word." - Ian, Toronto

"Great experience. Nurses were extremely amazing. Housekeepers were wonderful. Best hospitality ever." - Akshay, Brampton

"My feedback is only thankfulness! Everyone treated me with kindness and respect which you do not find that anywhere when it comes to people like us." - Anonymous, Hamilton

"I am so happy I did not go through pain or anything. Everything was provided 100%. The service provided was great. I am speechless. I would recommend this for anybody. One of the most comfortable places I have been. It was like a vacation." - Amir, Windsor

"Very friendly staff. Great environment. Very cosy rooms for well-being and treatment, Special thanks to Sat, Nina and Kayla," - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Extremely lovely staff who are very caring and respectful. There was never an issue getting me anything I needed." - Anonymous, Toronto

"I enjoyed being here, I got along with everybody and the staff was really friendly and helpful." - Anonymous, Bolton

"I chose Neworld after extensively researching my options after I failed rehab attempts. I am leaving on day 8 and did not have one bad day. They have mastered the detox process. I wouldn't change anything, exceptional staff and owners." - Mike, Halifax

"Your staff and the help they provide has been A1 100%. I am glad I had a chance to experience and have them beside me to help with my problem. The facility is just amazing, and I would recommend to anybody I know. Thank you for having me and helping my problem with drinking! Your staff makes your company. Send your family here if you love them. " - Anonymous, Pefferlaw

"Very pleasant home like surrounding. Friendly and comforting staff. Good food." - Anonymous, Toronto

"The staff was very friendly and welcoming. It made the stay more comfortable. The facilities are good." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Very nice living environment, Staff was very helpful and pleasant. " - Ian, Waterloo

"Neworld took me in just as my shakes were starting. They are well prepared to deal with withdrawals and know the right questions to ask, as well as the correct things to give (food, vitamins, medicine). They also know when to attend to patients and when to leave them alone. They are always friendly and are very interactive when ordering food for, and in consultation with patients. The residence feels like a home, and that is a good thing!" - Gary, Ottawa

"Felt very cared for and respected. Most definitely the best place I have been at. Staff is top notch." - Anonymous, GTA

"The staff at Neworld truly went above and beyond to ensure my stay was as comfortable as possible. With my short 10 day stay I can say with confidence that I will remember each nurse and doctor as having a positive impact in my recovery process." - Jessie, King City

"Amazing experience, peace of mind which I haven't had in years. Time I needed to think clearly about my next steps. Fantastic staff who I cant thank enough." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Everyone was great. Thank you!" - Nick, GTA

"Amazing! Staff was very helpful and friendly. Always made sure I was never in discomfort." - Chris, Collingwood

"Great staff. Clean. Comfortable environment. Great food. Great doctor." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Food experience was exceptional. Gym equipment is great to de stress. Dry sauna was a pleasant surprise. Love the liberties, allowing walks. Appreciate 24 h nurse supervision and overnight security." - Anonymous, Acton

"My most sincere thanks to the Neworld management team and staff for making this difficult part of my recovery as pleasant and painless as possible." - Anonymous, Toronto

"I was at the right place at the right time. Staff was excellent and supportive as much as I was well looked after. I am hoping not to have to come back again. I do thank everyone for their support." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Staff was excellent. Food was perfect and all in all a nice quiet place to detox." - Anonymous, Ajax

"From the beginning till the end I had a great time. I have tried to withdraw on my own but it was impossible. Here it was easy. Day 2 was tough but the medication protocol jumped in and the symptoms were gone fast. Sat and Julia were a pleasure to talk to. great place to be at." - Anonymous, Binbrook

"Everyone was kind, generous, non judgemental. House was always very clean. Staff were amazing and very responsive. While rooms were cold, staff immediately bought heaters to make things more comfortable. 10/10." - Anonymous, Brantford

"All staff were very helpful, respectful. Nurses and Dr were understanding and compassionate. Counselor was great. Thank you Tarek for accommodating me!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"Excellent place to detox. Staff are wonderful. Feel accepted and not judged. Comfortable living space. Food is good. A lot of freedom." - Jackie, Bolton

"I can say that I have nothing bad to say about this place. Starting from the owner to the doctors, nursing staff and housing staff, they have all been extremely nice and professional. This facility has everything you need and more. Sandra the counselor was the best one I have sat down with. She really connected to me, we talked for almost 2 hours. I plan to keep in touch with her in the future. Thank you to all staff at Neworld for looking after me and giving me such good care. This is a great start to my long journey which I am looking forward to." - Amit, Bowmanville

"I would strongly recommend this facility to anyone with an addiction problem. All staff members were incredible, personable and non judgemental. Also enjoyed the other individuals who were here seeking treatment." - Katherine, Toronto

"I have been to several detox centers, by far Neworld has been the best one. The small number of guests allows for very personal care. The staff are amazing always going beyond to satisfy your individual needs. The atmosphere at the house is very calming and inviting. The food is great and can be made to ones preference." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Great program. On the ball staffers who care about their clients! Knowledgeable doctor and nurses and the whole team in general." - Mike, Apsley Ontario

"I feel much better than I did. The staff were phenomenal. I appreciated every moment I was here." - Rob, Mississauga

"I felt very comfortable and safe here. All staff was kind, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful...perfect. Also very clean and well organized. I called staff to inquire whether I should bring my yoga mat. They arranged to have the yoga instructor visit!. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. I will never forget!" - Anonymous, Brampton

"Neworld medical detox was a great experience. They help me get there with my withdrawals very smoothly, The food was great and the people some I will miss very much." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Nice facility, enjoyed the food. good doctor, nurses and service." - Anonymous, Oshawa

"The staff were extremely kind and helpful, and the accommodation made it very comfortable and relaxing. All of these things made it much easier to detox and rest." - Anonymous, Markham

"Staff was very helpful and friendly. Accommodation was comfortable. I felt better when I left." - Marie, Collingwood

"This place is not a 5 star! It is a 10 star. Nurse and staff were the tops. I do not want to go home. Food was the best. You do not need to improve anything. I cannot think of anything that you can do better. It is the top." - Shirley, Ajax

"Thank you so much for all the support I have received. It was a wonderful stay, food was great, all the staff had been fantastic. I would recommend to anyone who needs to detox to come here!! Thnx." - Alessandro, Toronto

"Yes my stay here was smooth and comfortable. The food was really good and was on demand. the staff was really friendly. The whole facility was clean." - Anonymous, Kitchener

"It felt like Neworld saved my life. The people here were very friendly and understanding. After the initial couple days I felt so much better, my appetite returned and I was able to be social again, thank you Neworld." - Mike, Toronto

"Kindness, willingness to hear and really listen. understanding. Helpful with all needs, food, clothing. Great nurses. Prompt always courteous. Thank you. The five days were not as difficult at all!!." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Neworld was an absolutely wonderful place to be for me. The staff are incredible and make you feel at home. Everyone made me feel comfortable and safe my entire stay. The location is serene and the food is great! I have nothing negative to say about my stay here. Everything was perfect. I wish I could give suggestion, but can't think of anything!" - Anonymous, London

"Neworld is amazing. They catered to all my needs and helped with my withdrawal process and made it the smoothest process. Not to mention the staff here were fantastic and they all deserve a raise. They treat you as a human being and not just a patient or another number. I have been to multiple facilities and Neworld is definitely my number 1 choice for a detox facility and is worth every dollar spent. They have taught me so much and help prepare me for when I leave. All I can say is thank you to Neworld for all the help, comfort, and listening to me when i needed it most. Thank you guys for everything." - Matt, Cambridge

"Very welcoming. Nurses helpful. Place is clean, nice shape. Food is fantastic. All staff extremely helpful. Approachable nursing staff. Felt like home. Needs always taken care of. Group of clients vert good relationship with all. Would recommend Neworld to anyone who needs the help. Don't want to leave!!" - Anonymous, Niagra falls

"Everyone at Neworld were amazing. I felt safe and hopeful. " - Mike, Mississauga

"Excellent place. Great experience. Very helpful and safe/comfortable way to detox safely." - Kasey, Oshawa

"Great facility, great staff, appreciated the medical aspect. Clean and comfy rooms. So much food available and you can ask for whatever you want. Massage, Sauna and jet tub were amazing. Thanks for all the support and detox!!" - Anonymous, Oakville

"Thanks to all the fantastic staff for their dedication and commitment to helping us all. This has been my best experience to date in dealing with my drinking problem. " - Anonymous, Toronto

"I personally had a life changing experience. Every staff member was extremely polite and very helpful. Amazing positive energy that made my stay very comfortable. I stayed 5 days and wish I could stay longer. I felt like a new woman. I am choosing to go into a 28 day rehab facility to continue the 5 star treatment I received here to be the best woman I was meant to be. If I did I am extremely grateful that I made the decision to come here." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Great staff. Compassionate, kind and caring. You go the extra mile. " - Chris, Toronto

"It was such a pleasure to stay at Neworld Medical Detox. The staff was not only very friendly but also very supportive. I felt very comfortable and it helped me overcome a variety of issues which had put me in the situation which lead me to come here. I am very thankful for all the staff. I found that talking to the staff honestly in regards to my habits and situation very helpful. I felt just hearing myself mentioning my inner thoughts and issues help me understand my situation better hence help me to figure out solutions." - Christy, Scarborough

"Very friendly staff and guests. Effective. keep doing what you are doing." - Leo, Newmarket

"Staff was very supportive/understanding and cannot express enough how grateful I am. Withdrawal at home very 1000% harder than here. Minimal withdrawal symptoms. Food was amazing. Staff very helpful. " - Jason, Toronto

"This place was amazing. It managed my opiate withdrawal with minimal to no suffering. Nicole was amazing with making me any food I wanted. All the other people here were so nice and amazing. Rhonda was the best and the nicest person I ever met. I have no complaints about the service I received. Thank you for everything I feel like a new person." - Anonymous, Etobicoke

"I truthfully had a wonderful experience at this Neworld facility. The staff was very understanding, caring and kind. They went above and beyond my expectations. As well as the nurses they were encouraging, helpful in explaining all medications and effects and also overall just great to talk to. Hopefully they will all be here when I come back to cook them all a thank you dinner. Thank you everyone." - Anonymous, Brampton

"This place is amazing. Nice nurses, lovely staff. They get you off anything within a 5 to 10 day period. I was an opiate addict for 4 years and they got me clean in 9 days completely from 43 Mg of methadone. Amazing place. All security guards are amazing. " - Jacob, Oshawa

"The place is GREAT. Staff was very friendly and helpful. House has a warm and welcoming feel. Gives you time to concentrate on healing. " - Anonymous, Stouffville

"Place a huge neon angel wings on the roof of the house. Heaven for those who want to be cured." - Ilya, Toronto

"I would like to thank all the staff who were friendly, supportive and caring. I wish I could stay longer in here. I feel this place like my second home. Thank you to everyone. Love you all!" - Saad, Toronto

"I have never in my life experienced more caring and nurturing people in my life. Between Nicole and Stacy and all the nurses...they kept me positive, comfortable and most importantly cared! I cannot thank Mo and Tarek enough!, you also have a beautiful clean and friendly environment. Everything was perfect. Thank you for everything." - Scott, Cambridge

"I was treated very well it made me feel so comfortable like at home. Everyone is so amazing, the nurses, management and housekeepers. Nicole is a super hero. I cannot thank you all enough this is an amazing place." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Everyone was spectacular. Thank you!" - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Neworld made my recovery so comfortable. Nurses were so accommodating and knowledgeable. Special thanks to Rhonda and the other nurses. I felt safe the whole time." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Everything was great. Staff amazing." - Katherine, Aurora

"I just want to take this moment to thank everyone at Neworld for their care, compassion and friendship over the last several days. To name, or identify individuals that provided special care in my time of need, would be an impossible task. Everyone, I mean everyone, provided the services and care beyond any possible expressions. Sadly this is not my first detox treatment centre, but I hope it is my last. It is definitely the only one I would give five stars." - Anonymous, Toronto

"The intake was very comfortable. The house was very welcoming. The room was spacious. the nurses Jas, Nina, Nisha were absolutely amazing 5 star. Food was awesome. Housekeeping were so professional and helpful. Shelley was amazing with the knowledge. She really cares." - Roman, Staufville

"Great staff. Great atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone." - Matt, Markham

"It has been a wonderful experience. The staff are incredible. Everyone is friendly and supportive and non-judgemental. This is exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. The food was great and there was a lot of variety. the facility was clean and comfortable. It is a wonderful place." - Anonymous, Toronto

"This was my first time at Neworld. The staff were great. It is in beautiful surroundings. I met some nice people here who I will remain in contact with with like-minded issues. Speaking to other clients was very helpful." - Anna, Oakville

"Great and helpful staff. very helpful that you can have your privacy or spend time with other patients as you wish. Feels as much like a family environment as you could expect under the circumstances. Felt like they really cared for my problems. Didn't want to go and didn't want to leave, except to see my family of course. And lots of good food!" - Matt, Mississauga

"Overall i would rate my stay at Neworld a 9/10. The nursing staff do an outstanding job of taking care of the clients. They often go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure clients are taken care of and that the house remains tidy after cleaning staff leave. Cleaning staff are also excellent. Sandra the counselor helped me very much and her advice will continue the weeks and months to come." - Anonymous, Waterloo

"The food was great. Whenever I had a pain problem it was solved by the nursing staff within 30 minutes max." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Best detox in Canada. Fantastic staff, nurses and doctor." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Very much enjoyed the stay. Staff are amazing!" - Anonymous, Ontario

"I was apprehensive coming here but my boyfriend made me feel as though I would be very comfortable and I was. Great staff, friendly and helpful specially the nurses, mainly Monika. Great doctor, food and accommodations. Would definitely recommend." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Great place. Great staff. Will recommend to all." - Keith, Sarnia

"Best detox I have been to. 10 out of 10." - Anonymous, Alliston

"All staff are amazing. Food is good, more than you can eat. Program is good always looking for your best interest. Very clean and tidy and truly care about the clients." - Alex, Puslinch

"The accommodation and nursing care was excellent. I am grateful I came here. The home detox was perfect. " - Joanne, Toronto

"I would recommend Neworld to anyone. It was a fantastic experience. On my final day I felt 100%. Thanks to the nurses, doctor and housekeeper. All the staff was great and very helpful and very informative. The facility itself is beautiful and really made me feel like at home. Food was great as well." - Mark, Guelph

"Your staff are amazing. SO kind, caring, understanding, friendly and good listeners. They give very good advice. I will miss every one of them. You are fortunate to have them. " - Bryan, Mississauga

"The staff are very friendly and helpful. It feels like a family. The nurses are excellent and listen and address your concerns. The accommodations were excellent I really enjoyed my room and private bathroom. If the need ever arose I would definitely return here." - Lana, Oakville

"Beautiful grounds, well equipped. Friendly and funny staff. Remember to keep your head up. You've taken the first step to sobriety." - Jesse, London

"I am very grateful for all the help the staff here provided me with. It made it very easy to go through the tough time of withdrawal. For that I will forever thank you." - Geovanni, Toronto

"I enjoyed my stay very much. The people who work here are very supportive and you feel safe. I was here for alcohol withdrawal and it went smoother than I expected. The greatest thing about Neworld is the people you are recovering with. I have never met more caring and understanding and down to earth people. Everyone wants to help each other. I have never felt more comfortable in a medical setting. I never felt alone and enjoyed meeting everyone and having so many great conversations and learning lots of new things." - Carly, New Hamburg

"They did a great job detoxing me as painless as possible. The housekeepers are amazing. I cannot explain how amazing these nurses are." - Tiffany, King City

"My time at Neworld has changed my life. I came in thinking I had zero chance and today I am leaving a new person. The staff has been amazing. I am so appreciative for everyone's help." - Matt, Burlington

"The staff are incredible. They turned a negative situation to something that I am proud of. Everyone was very comforting. The facility was above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend it to anyone trying to detox." - Mitch, Ontario

"Excellent! The staff an facilities were first rate. I was very apprehensive on arrival but quickly related. I wish this had been recognized by the medical community. I don't know if this is possible but making the medical community more aware of this great service might allow more people to participate." - Anonymous, Oakville

"All the staff are friendly and courteous!. Exceeded my expectations on all levels. Food, cleanliness were exceptional. Nurses were able to answer questions knowledgeably and if unsure would contact the doctor before administering anything. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of assistance. Outstanding facility." - Kim, Mississauga

"First of all the staff is superb. My treatment was more than I could ask for. Every need was taken care of. I totally recommend Neworld to all. God Bless them all, nurses, doctors, therapists and support staff. Thank you so much." - David, Palgrave

"Al staff, nurses, housekeepers, security, doctor and counselors are respectful and caring. The place was always clean. Meds were given when needed and explained clearly. Food was good, plenty of drink options. The house cleaners were very pleasurable and thoughtful. Yoga instructor was amazing, counselor was very informative. Would recommend to others." - Anonymous, Toronto

"All staff including housekeepers, nurses, security and yoga instructor and management treated me with respect. They cared for well-being and medication was given with respect and informed of what was administered. I felt that everyone actually cared about me, unlike other places I went in the past." - Anonymous, Mississauga

"Had a wonderful stay. Nurses are very king and helpful. Loved the sauna and Jacuzzi tub. Doctors and counselor were very knowledgeable and kind. My symptoms were treated promptly and I slept and felt safe. " - Colleen, Barrie

"My stay was amazing. Staff was great and made sure I was never uncomfortable. Food was good and a wide variety of options were available." - Anonymous, Toronto

"This has been to say the least, a heavenly experience and would refer anyone to come here. The staff are supportive and patient towards my needs. Thank you!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"Very comfortable setting. Always clean. Always food available and friendly staff. Doctors were great and made withdrawal comfortable." - Anonymous, Toronto

"I want you to know how much your loving compassionate care has meant to me over the past week. I will truly never forget this experience and what it has done to save my life. A new beginning, I am so very grateful. Special thanks to Nicole and Monika, you gave me strength when I felt like I couldn't do it." - Anonymous, Ontario

"Have nothing but good things to say. The staff and nurses are great. Really comfortable and would recommend the place to anyone who needs help." - Matt, Kitchner

"Loved everything here. Great staff and food." - Anonymous, Cambridge

"I would recommend Neworld to anyone looking to detox. The process was awesome. It was easier then I ever thought it would be. The staff was super awesome. It made my stay much better." - Cory, Muskoka

"The care and service have been nothing but top notch. The nurses and housekeepers have been wonderful. To be honest, I really did not want to leave. I hope I never end up in detox again but if I did this would be my choice. Thank you for everything..." - Brian, Toronto

"Great place. Great people. Great environment. Homey feel. Some great laughs!. Made new friends. Will come say hi sometime." - Anonymous, Guelph

"The staff is totally professional. They take the time to listen and be there for you through tough times. I would recommend this place for everyone looking for detox that's safe and done right." - Anonymous, Stouffville

"Everyone was really kind, respectful, helpful. Very clean environment. Excellent food. I highly recommend this place for anyone in need." - Sarah, Waterloo

"I found the place to be so helpful and comforting during my stay here. I am so grateful; I met great people and loved your staff." - Terry, Oakville

"My stay here was the complete opposite that I expected. Not once did I feel worried of failure or feel like a second class citizen. Medication and doses were of perfect quantities and given at appropriate times. House keeping and food arrangement made me feel like home, very comfortable. I came here with no after plan and I am leaving with a positive future." - Denis, Moonbeam

"Absolutely everyone here was amazing. I will be referring as many people as I can here. You all may have potentially saved my life. Free from opiates! I will never forget you." - Anonymous, Hamilton

"Very well organized medication protocol. Very helpful staff as it relates to food and housekeeping. Very conscientious about well-being." - Juhan, Toronto

"My stay at Neworld was awesome. I came here with a lot of emotions, and I left with a very positive attitude in life. These staff are 10/10. The food is amazing and available when you want. I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to quit without the side effects to check in." - Anonymous, Oakville

"My stay at Neworld was very smooth and comfortable and the staff was very professional and very friendly. I give five star to Neworld Detox. Thank you." - Anonymous, Limehouse

"This was the best detox I've been to. Everyone made the stay feel very relaxing and safe." - Iain, Hamilton

"The nurses were very nice and made me feel comfortable. Very non judgemental and made it very comfortable. I felt safe. The housekeepers were the same and I would recommend Neworld to anyone I know could use the help." - Anonymous, Oshawa

"Everything was comfortable as the staff was attentive and non judgemental. Kendal, Julia, Nina, Stacey and Nicole in particular were great and personable. The room was comfortable and everything was clean." - Anonymous, Ontario

"I had such a great stay here. The staff was amazing very nice kind and very helpful. The other people going through detox were also very nice as well. If I could I would live here because of how much I enjoyed. Would love to come back just not for detox. Everything is just great. Just want to thank everyone for being there for me and help me out through the bad times." - Holly, Ontario

"Staff and stay was fantastic. Thanks for everyone for all the help." - Jesse, Sarnia

"Lovely stay, as lovely as detox can be. The nurses and the house keepers are awesome. Would recommend Neworld to anyone. Thanks!" - Shelley, Kenilworth

"It has been an amazing place to come to. The staff, from the nurses to the housekeepers to the doctor and the security staff are all amazing, friendly, attentive and caring. The attention to your nerds is phenomenal. The facility is clean and comfortable. Its a perfect place to come to be medically assisted and just chill right out. Great food choices, Highly recommended." - Paul, Toronto

"I was really scared walking through the door, but once I was in the door EVERYONE made me feel at home and made sure I was feeling the best I could under the condition I came in. The staff have been amazing. I dont have words to describe how great everything was." - Amanda, Lindsay

"I learned a lot about my addiction at my stay at Neworld. The team they had were so welcoming. They took good care of us all. They have put me in the right direction to recovery. To all the staff, I cant thank you enough." - Chris, Oshawa

"Cozy, comfy, friendly, helpful. Amazing staff. Beautiful home. Treated me like a friend not an addict! " - Jude, Hamilton

"I would recommend this detox to anyone. I had the best stay, best staff, best doctor and counselor. They were there for me 100% throughout the whole stay and making sure I leave to go on the right path." - Anonymous, Scarborough

"I know this experience has made a significant difference in my life. With the help of the doctors, nurses, staff and my partners recovery and felt I had everyone's support. I will never forget you all. I have so much to look forward in the future. I would like to see you all again but on different terms,. Happy times! The service was terrific. Everyone got above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and appreciated. " - Anonymous, Oakville

"This facility definitely has a 5 star rating from me. The staff is amazing, the owners are nice and everyone is so very helpful. In a short 8 days I've gone from 0 to 100%. I want to thank everyone for everything they have done. The food was fantastic. The staff were so willing to help at any time. I am gonna miss this place. It is a very safe and truthful environment. I have met and made amazing friends here. " - Anonymous, Shelburne

"Great working staff. Very helpful and patient nurses. Comfortable and friendly environment." - Jaskirat, Brampton

"Staff was caring and compassionate. They did not judge and stayed calm and controlled when some clients were very demanding. The nursing staff were very attentive and always made sure to ask how I was feeling and adjusted the treatment accordingly. The housekeeping staff did an excellent job. It sometimes felt like I was being catered to when I was asked what I would like for breakfast and lunch." - Anonymous, St. Catherines

"I highly recommend Neworld to anyone struggling. I hope I will not have to come back again, but should I need to I will feel very comfortable knowing that I would get the help I would need." - Sarah, Waterloo

"Great food and staff. Huge help. Best place for a smooth detox. Between house accommodations, nursing and security I am happy and impressed" - Adam, London

"I never thought that withdrawal could be as comfortable as it was. The respect and kindness I received during my 5 day stay were unreal. The staff really listened to what I had to say with no judgement. Thank you so much." - Tania, Cambridge

"Beautiful place. Staff are all amazing and compassionate." - Kathy, Ottawa

"Amazing. Clean. Comfortable. Life saving." - Ashlee, Burlington

"I had a wonderful time. The centre is great with lots of food, beverages. The staff is kind and caring and competent. I will be recommending you to friends." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Fantastic place. Caring people. Clean. Great food. Better than most hotels I have been in " - Peter, Stratford

"A wonderful place to really get better. The people are wonderful and kind and I never felt out of place. Thank you for all your help. Just keep up the good work. You are doing a lot for people who really need it. Thank you again!" - Anonymous, Brampton

"All the staff clearly cared about my well-being. They were compassionate, competent, non judgemental and always pleasant. This, along with their professionalism, helped me through a difficult journey. My care was tailored specifically to me, which is exactly what I was looking for." - Michael, Brampton

"This place is fantastic. You have done an incredible job with providing all the proper amenities and support needed. The staff have always been amazing specially Jules. She fully grasps the concept empathize with everyone. Thanks again for everything." - Anonymous, Oakville

"Fantastic place. caring people. Clean. Great food. Better than most hotels I have been in." - Peter, Stouffville

"My experience here was great. The staff is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone needing detox treatment. Five stars. Thank you Neworld." - Arnold, Toronto

"I had an amazing time at Neworld and would recommend anyone struggling with addiction to stay the full stays. Connection is the opposite of addiction." - Matthew, Waterloo

"This is the best place for coping with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. I wish I could stay longer because everyone, staff and clients, are like family. I was feeling like being in a spa. Thank you for everything you did for me to start my new life." - Pavla, Mississauga

"Beautiful place! Excellent very kind staff. I will never drink again! I will continue my sobriety with Jordan, She is awesome." - Jamie, Castleton

"This place was awesome. Staff was fantastic, attentive to all my needs. I would highly recommend this place." - Cindy, Cambridge

"Staff is amazing. Other patient group was amazing. House was always kept clean and sorted plus a nice full fridge. This place is amazing, Saved my life, xoxoxo!" - Imran, Toronto

"Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and non judgemental attitude. I loved the yoga and sitting out in the yard. The staff were wonderful. " - Jenifer, Toronto

"This place is amazing and exactly what I needed for my alcohol detox. The staff are absolutely fantastic, each and every one of them, They are professional, courteous and caring. Thank you!" - Michael, Brampton

"Excellent staff, caring. Always there when you need them. Was very comfortable beautiful facility. Have no complaints." - Rajnath, Ajax

"Fantastic, caring compassionate staff. Accommodations are extremely comfortable. Intake procedure was very informative and welcoming." - Anonymous, Breslav

"I was very pleased with all the support I was provided at Neworld. I was scared and anxious to take this very important first step, but I am so happy I did. All the staff were so helpful and supportive. The medical detox process was not easy but the nurses and doctor made me feel safe at all times. The facility is very clean and comfortable. A big thank you specially to all the nurses and Nicole and Stacy. Also big thanks to Jordan." - Brent, Burlington

"The house is lovely and the staff is very kind. I was very scared to come and they made me feel right at home. Very reassuring and non judgemental. Thank you." - Anonymous, Huntsville

"Most comfortable detox on the planet!!" - Anonymous, Toronto

"This was the best ever. Best staff, empathy caring and kind. I leave today 99% better upon exit. Thank you does not come close to describe the way I feel today. No words encapsule the hands on treatment I received here . 5 stars!!" - Robert, Ontario

"Staff was very professional and understanding of my basic needs to come off alcohol. I am very lucky to have had a chance to stay here. I have never been in better hands. " - Wesley, Oshawa

"I cant find the exact words to express how amazing Neworld was for me. I was on methadone for 10 years and I was scared and anxious as I was told I would have to be on this for life. I decided to give this place a chance and 10 days later I am leaving clean!! It feels amazing. They helped me so much in ways I cant describe because when you are ready it will work. From the owners, the doctor, nurses, counselor. Just not having to go through hell during the detox is a great start for recovery. " - Marie, Montreal

"Very helpful. Giving me a new start. All the staff are incredible. I felt safe and looked after Thank you all for everything." - Anonymous, Welland

"Staff are very kind and friendly and great at listening, which was very helpful and appreciated. The environment is very relaxed and made me incredibly comfortable. Medications greatly improved my sleep as well. Slept very well." - Anonymous, Toronto

"In all honesty my stay has been extremely comfortable and easy. Plenty of food, dedicated staff and a warm cosy bed. All in all a great decision for anyone." - Anonymous, Hamilton

"Thank you for everything. Your entrance greeting made me feel at ease. The entire staff very respectful, caring and accommodating. The food was fabulous with a great variety and no restrictions. My medical care very professional for my needs. My 5 days at Neworld has provided a solid foundation for my future success." - Nicholas, Burlington

"The stay was great. The room was comfortable and easy to stay in. All the people here have been very supportive. And yes, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of love for this place and you awesome people who run this show. " - Anonymous, Toronto

"Thank you all so much. You have been wonderfully helpful. From fellow patients to housekeeping to nursing to the docs and directors. We appreciate your help and compassion and kindness. Definitely as good as it could realistically get, and a well run business. As business people we are impressed and inspired." - Dominic, Toronto

"Staff was amazing. Security guard was great." - Anonymous, Oakville

"The staff were amazing, caring, empathetic, all around awesome. They made me feel safe and comfortable and were always available to help me. The food selection was great. Lots of healthy snacks and lots to choose from. My bed was super comfy." - Anonymous, London

"Great visit. Highly supportive staff. Every need was taken care of. Staff has no negative attitude towards patients." - John, Guelph

"Unreal. Felt like home. I was treated like any other human being would unlike other facilities I have been to." - Peyton, Waterloo

"Saved my life. I had everything I needed. Rooms very nice." - Tanya, Paris

"All staff was phenomenal. I was made comfortable and set me up for my after care program. They controlled all withdrawal symptoms. Housekeepers, nurses, directors 10/10. Completely happy will refer any person struggling with addiction. Thank you to everyone." - Michael, Toronto

"Neworld detox has exceeded my expectations. The nurses have kept me so comfortable through my cocaine, amphetamine and meth withdrawal. I had horrible experiences at other detoxes but Neworld has been a blessing. I would recommend anyone seeking help with ANY addiction to call them. You guys are so amazing and nurses are responsive immediately. " - Julia, Peterborough

"All staff were incredibly helpful and supportive. From the doctor to the nurses and housekeepers. Big thank you to your security agent who does more than the needs. Your staff is top notch. You do an incredible work." - Anonymous, Montreal

"I loved staying at Neworld. The fact that they leave you alone to rest and do what we please is very helpful. Thank you Neworld for giving me my life back." - Anonymous, Bowmanville

"Best place to get detoxed. Amazing experience. Lovely nurses." - Louisa, Limehouse

"I would recommend Neworld Detox to anyone needing any type of detox. I can truly and honestly say all nurses, housekeeping, Shelly, Jordan truly thank you to all. I can truly and million percent say I am leaving here sober and on the New world to my recovery. Thank you so much. We had an amazing group. We are very lucky. I can say I have 6 or more clean healthy friends. I only hope well for all. We got this!. One day at a time, Rock it!." - Megan, Barrie

"Did not know what to expect and found the most amazing staff and facility I could imagine. My detox was comfortable and my peers helped me find comfort in honesty and acceptance. Ready for the next step of the rest of my life. Thanks a million. xoxo." - Cameron, Scarborough

"The service and staff have been beyond exceptional. The nursing staff have engaged me in a structural therapeutic relationship by supporting me and performing insightful assessments. All staff have been exemplary on a personal and professional manner." - Anonymous, Limestone

"Wonderful staff. Nicole and Stacy are excellent. The nursing staff were very professional and courteous. The room was very clean and accommodating. I really enjoyed the company of other residents. No negative feedback." - Travis, Burlington

"Great staff. Great accommodation. Great food selection. Yoga is great, RMT is great. 5 star." - Matt, Oakville

"Thank you to all the staff of Neworld. I am so happy to have chosen Neworld to help me deal with my alcohol addiction and felt welcomed, loved and cared for by every single person. The home environment and being able to deal with each day at my own pace was an absolute bonus. During my stay covid did not exist which made my life seem normal again. Thanks again and kudos to you all. " - Anonymuos, Mississauga

"I have nothing but praise for the facility and specially the staff who are compassionate, caring and willing to help in any way. The rooms are excellent and comfortable. Great facilities with big screen TV and all of the channels you can think of. Again thank you to the amazing nurses, staff and directors. " - Paul, Mississauga

"The counselor was phenomenal. She listened to all my concerns and validated them without any judgement. Nursing staff was amazing. Stacy and Nicole made my stay at Neworld extremely comfortable. Thank you for all that you do." - Anonymous, Halifax

"First rate facility. Amazing staff. Definitely the place to send any loved one you care about to start their new life of happiness and health." - Dennis, Lakeshore

"The place is beautiful and really nice. Very comfortable beds, a camp fire and a jaccuzzi bath. The staff was very kind and supportive and the food was great. They will give you any food you ask for. They give you the right amount of medication and support and it was exactly as they say, smooth and comfortable. Thank you." - Elizabeth, Ottawa

"Everything was great. The staff, nurses, doctors, and everything else. Very pleased with the help they gave me during my stay. I wouldn't change anything about this place." - Anonymous, Hamilton

"Great place. People that work here very helpful and nice. Lots of good food. I would recommend Neworld to anyone wishing to have a smooth detox. Went to detox/rehab last year spent a lot of money , wish I knew about Neworld beforehand." - Anonymous, Toronto

"The nurses and housekeepers and all the staff are fantastic, attentive and genuine. Thank you very much for your awesome care. It has been a life changing experience. Keep up the good work." - Jayson, Etobicoke

"Neworld is amazing. The staff are incredible and help in every way you need. The atmosphere is relaxing and a perfect way to recover/detox. They have helped me in ways I did not even know I needed. Could not recommend them enough." - Anonymous, London

"Nurses and staff were great. Lots of food, good food and candy. Great yoga, great massage therapist. Easy to get any food request. Patients become like best friends. Meds worked great." - Greg, Meaford

"All the nurses and staff were awesome and treated me amazingly. Made me feel at home. The withdrawals were tolerable. The nurses were compassionate and the doctor and Jordan. " - Tara, Belleville

"The staff and medical support is exceptional. Having a 24 hour support for my health and wellness was necessary to manage my withdrawal symptoms. Yoga is great." - Nicholas, Tweed

"Wonderful program and remarkable staff. I was treated with respect and the staff made my detox as comfortable as I had imagined it would be. My only suggestion is to keep doing what you are doing. This is the first time I had been clean which brings a tear to my eye every time I think about it." - Anonymous, St. Thomas

"Excellent facility, very helpful staff non judgemental. Clean environment. Excellent food. Good advice. Kind staff. They do what they can for you. " - Steve, Beeton

"My withdrawal from alcohol was smooth, uneventful. No shakes or nausea. The staff was amazing. Very supportive. The service was excellent and very supportive and always available. The discussions with other clients was also very helpful. Helped me realize I was not alone." - Anonymous, Peterborough

"Excellent experience. Amazing staff. Kind, great attitude, responsive. Very comfortable. Speaking with other patients was very helpful." - Johnathan, Oakville

"My experience was great here and I am grateful for the help I have received. Thank you to all the staff." - Carolyn, Oshawa

"I have been to several detox programs and rehabs and I can honestly say this is the first one where I wasn't excited to leave. It was a wonderful experience. The staff, amenities, food (and always fully stocked fridge) made it a most comfortable stay. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs help. " - Anonymous, Atlanta

"I want to start by saying thank you to doctors and nurses for helping me have a smooth withdrawal. Staff did an amazing job on working with us clients they were great, fun and caring. Stacy for allowing me to help cook in the kitchen. Your night time security guy was kind and friendly. This place was the best I have ever been to." - Anonymous, OAKVILLE

"Thank you for the exceptional experience. The staff, the food, yoga, massage, reiki were top notch. I felt safe. The best Canadian detox experience. I believe I will be able going forward to stay sober. I am very grateful to everyone." - Gayle, Toronto

"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. All the staff were very professional and courteous. They treated me with respect and the service was phenomenal. " - Robert, Sarnia

"Best place ever. I feel like brand new. All the nurses are amazing and accommodating. My favorite was Janice. She truly made my experience here 100% better. She is such a star and so professional. I would come back for sure if I relapse god forbid." - Caitlin, Toronto

"Amazing place to feel better and at home. Very good treatment by all staff. Breakfast was always amazing. " - Harbinder, Cambridge

"The food was A+/ Everything was provided and available at all times. The cook and diner provided was very well done. The nurses were all very helpful and caring. I had a great and comfortable stay and I would recommend this place to anyone going through issues." - Anonymous, OAKVILLE

"My stay with you was above and beyond anything I could have expected. The premises was clean. Staff was amazing and the group I was there with was fantastic and very supportive. Food was wonderful I only felt only support and no pressure whatsoever. Fantastic Yoga teacher too. " - Anonymous, Hamilton

"The staff was very kind and helpful. The room was comfortable. It is very nice to have a sauna and a small gym. It is great that we were allowed to use the kitchen." - Nigel, Toronto

"The place was amazing. Made my stay here so comfortable. Thank you for everything. Could not have done it without this amazing staff. Love you guys. 10 star rating. Nothing needs to change." - Anonymous, Toronto

"Amazing place. Has changed my life. Everyone have become a family." - George, Exeter

"Very pleased to be here. I feel a different person. I hope you continue helping people like me. The personnel is amazing. Great people." - Peter, King city

"Staff was very attentive and sensitive to my needs. They listen and try to address any concerns quickly. The food/snacks availability is great. The location being peaceful and serene is very helpful. Do not change a thing." - Chris, Richmond hill

"Exceptionally friendly attentive team. Felt like a hotel experience with advisors. Great experience." - Sean, Caledon

"All the staff was fantastic. Very comfortable place to detox. Easy going atmosphere. Everyone was very professional." - Anonymous, Stratford

"Great staff. Plenty of food choices. Home comfort. Nice clean rooms. Good tv selections. Good resources towards recovery. " - Anonymous, Georgetown

"Thank you Neworld for bringing me back to life. When I came here I was completely broken. I am put back together because of Neworld. I cannot say enough good things in regards to the staff. They were kind, supportive and gave me all what I needed. I have been to many treatment centres and the potential here is incredible." - Greg, Burlington

"The stay was amazing. Neworld really helped change my life. I recommend this detox to anyone going through any addiction. 5 star to the staff, nurses and everyone." - Anonymous, Toronto

"I dont have enough words to express my thanks and gratitude to every single person at Neworld. Care, understanding, willingness to accommodate to my needs is beyond my expectations. Special thanks to our housekeepers who made sure we feel ourselves at home . Thank a lot. " - Anonymous, Ontario

"I had a lovely stay. The staff were wonderful and very helpful. I would highly recommend the facility." - Joyce, Mississauga

"The most wonderful detox one could ever desire. The staff care for you in an utmost impeccable manner, from housekeepers to nurses. Not once have I ever felt unwelcome nor judged. This place is divine." - Liam, Burlington

"Another amazing stay accompanied with top level caring and amazing staff. Never falls short of the mark Neworld." - Eric, Toronto

"5 star all the way!!" - Anonymous, Ottawa

"The staff and facility are excellent. Access to nurses 24 H was comforting. Housekeeping staff are the best." - Peter, Kitchner

"I was very satisfied with staff. My stay was amazing. Helped me get through this time comfortably. I had the best care I could possibly get. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work." - Luke, Innisfil

"It was an amazing place 10/10. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Nurses and staff were amazing. Security guard was fun to be around. He made nights great." - Shaun, Ontario

"Neworld was a castle located in the country with huge and beautiful yard. I felt like a princess and was treated like a princess during my stay. Food was excellent. Bed so comfy. The staff, nurses, doctors excellent. I met good people like me and I suggest this place to anybody who need help." - Josee, Peterborough

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