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At Neworld Medical Detox Centre in Ontario, we know that drug & alcohol withdrawal is a critical phase of addiction treatment recovery. We will provide you with an individually-tailored medical detox program so you can get through this phase as smoothly as possible.

The wrong choice for a treatment program may lead to an unsuccessful withdrawal and a waste of money and time on top of creating frustration and agony. At Neworld, we prevent this from happening.

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Our Medical Addiction Detoxification Programs

At Neworld Medical Detox, we treat all forms of alcohol, chemical and drug dependency including prescription medications. We help you manage life-threatening alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms with our top-notch treatment programs. Our healthcare professionals prepare you for addiction rehab treatment for a long-lasting recovery.

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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol abuse by itself or in combination with other drugs is a very serious problem. Alcohol yields very severe effects on the liver, the stomach, the blood cells. When combined with other opioids or stimulants, it can create a very dangerous cocktail. The fact that alcohol is easy to get, legal, and inexpensive makes it a very dangerous drug. Alcohol withdrawal, on the other hand, is a dangerous experience if not done under a professional medical supervision.

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Prescriptions Medications

Opioid Withdrawal

Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic drug, an opioid pain reliever that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It is medically indicated for the relief of severe pain. Like all opioids, fentanyl works by blocking pain receptors in the brain, while simultaneously increasing production of chemicals that make us feel better, such as dopamine and endorphins. Unfortunately, it has been an increasingly common cause of opioid and narcotic addiction, and this problem continues to escalate exponentially.

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Heroin is another highly addictive synthetic drug made from poppy plants. It was first used by physicians to help patients overcome morphine addiction, but doctors soon realized that heroin addiction is a severe problem in its own right. On the street, heroin comes in a variety of forms. Heroin is usually a whitish or brownish powder, and typically cut with other substances, such as starch or powdered milk. It is also sold as black tar, with the liability to be smoked, injected or taken in a variety of other forms.

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Suboxone is a drug commonly prescribed to individuals so as to help wean them off their opioid addiction. In some unfortunate cases, Suboxone, by itself, turns into a drug that is abused.

In such situations, Suboxone abusers can be identified through the following symptoms: constantly stuffed or runny noses, fever, chills, sleeplessness, back pain and pain experienced during urination.

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Dilaudid or hydromorphone falls under the category of semi-synthetic narcotics. This simply means that Dilaudid is a chemical processed in laboratories.

Dilaudid is dangerous as a drug, specifically because victims develop tolerance to its properties very soon. This, in turn, causes victims of abuse to crave for higher dosages of the drug. The resulting physical dependence on the drug could very soon become life-threatening.

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Pain Medications

OxyContin is responsible for the drastic increase in narcotic prescribing and opioid addiction. It was first used in the United States, then came up to Canada shortly after. It has been prescribed on numerous occasions by physicians to their patients to manage severe pain. Unfortunately, it is a very commonly abused narcotic pain reliever. Thousands of people have developed an addiction to OxyContin since it was first introduced.

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Percocet contains a combination of paracetamol and oxycodone, which is an opioid pain medication. Paracetamol is a less potent pain reliever that increases the effects of oxycodone.Percocet is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.

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10 times stronger than Opium, Morphine is its alkaloid, sourced from poppy seeds. It was popularly prescribed as an analgesic for pain and administered to soldiers during the US Civil War. This resulted in about 400,000 soldiers being addicted to Morphine, bringing to light the addictive properties of the drug.

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Prescriptions Medications

Several symptoms could pinpoint alcoholism in an individual. They may be as commonplace as irritability, mood swings or secrecy and as worrisome as blackouts, memory loss or seeking complete isolation.

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Detox centre Methadone


Methadone addiction and abuse is a problem that, unfortunately, is on the increase. Methadone is prescribed to patients because they have become addicted to other opioids. Methadone is meant to be a stepping stone to help users get off the other opioids and street drugs and allow the body to function just on it. Long-term methadone usage might not be suitable for everyone.

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Methamphetamine is an illegal drug. It falls in the same class as cocaine and other powerful street drugs. It has many nicknames—meth, crank, chalk or speed.

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Cocaine is a powerful, addictive stimulant synthesized from the leaves of coca plants; it is typically imported from South America. It is an illegal street drug that is usually consumed and sold as powder form. Cocaine is often mixed with other street drugs as well, including fentanyl, producing a deadly combination.

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Ecstasy – The drug carries several conniving labels, such as Dove and the Love Drug. Commonly consumed as capsules or tablets, Ecstacy can also be mixed with other drugs, exacerbating its manifestation.

Ecstasy does not have an abrupt effect on the abuser, rather, creating its addictive euphoric effect over a longer period of time. Typically, the pleasurable sensation kicks in after about 3 to 6 hours.

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LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a potent hallucinogen, a drug that can alter a person’s perception of reality and distort the senses. LSD is usually taken by mouth and held on the tongue or swallowed. It can also be inhaled or injected. Effects of LSD include:

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GHB is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant that is commonly referred to as a “club drug” or “date rape” drug. It is abused by adults and teens. GHB use results in euphoria, tranquility, sweating loss of consciousness, auditory and visual hallucinations, sluggishness and amnesia. GHB can have an addictive potential if used repeatedly. When it is combined, use with alcohol may result in dangerous CNS and respiratory depression.

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Ketamine can produce hallucinations similar to other drugs such as LSD and PCP. Hallucinations are distorted perceptions of sounds and sights. Ketamine is dangerous if someone takes it for recreational use. Risks of ketamine use include liver dysfunction, a temporary increase in blood pressure and heart rate or a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, cognitive deficits, respiratory depression , abnormal heart rhythms , agitation or confusion.

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Mushrooms are chemical compounds obtained from certain types of dried or fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms. Psilocybin effects are similar to those of other hallucinogens.Use of mushrooms results in visual and auditory hallucinations and an inability to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Panic reactions and psychosis also may occur. Combined use with alcohol and marijuana can worsen all of these effects. Hallucinogens such as mushrooms and LSD may alter the mood, sensory perception and muscle control.

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Suboxone is a drug commonly prescribed to individuals so as to help wean them off their opioid addiction. In some unfortunate cases, Suboxone, by itself, turns into a drug that is abused. In such situations, Suboxone abusers can be identified through the following symptoms: constantly stuffed or runny noses, fever, chills, sleeplessness, back pain and pain experienced during urination.

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I was severely addicted to heroin, but at Neworld Medical Detox, my addiction was taken seriously and made my life addiction free. Thanks to their experienced doctors, I would recommend others to get the best treatment at Neworld.

I got my son’s treatment at Neworld for opioid use disorder, and now he is living a very healthy life. The credit goes to the best doctors at Neworld. We got a professional medical detoxification process and a comfortable, homey residence.

Suffering from Methadone abuse and losing hope of recovering is difficult, but Neworld’s doctors made it possible. Doctors customized the methadone detox protocol to detoxify my addiction. I feel great to walk out free of addiction! If you are suffering the same, do contact Neworld.


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