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We specialize in medical detox and addiction withdrawal management in an environment that inspires lasting change.

At NEWORLD Medical Detox Centre, we know how withdrawal is a critical phase of addiction treatment recovery.
We will provide you with individually tailored medical detox program so you can get through this phase as smoothly as possible.


Could not stop using on your own?

You might have tried and failed. Withdrawal symptoms are hard and sometimes dangerous. Why suffer? Get help from our professional medical team to pass symptoms as safely and comfortably as can be.

On a methadone or suboxone program and want to get off?

At Neworld, we have a special detox protocol for methadone and suboxone clients. Our physician will help you get off your daily dose. Walk out to a New World with no narcotics!

Why commit to a long term residential program early on?

Not ready to make such a commitment? There are lots of options for your treatment recovery post detox once withdrawal is behind you. NEWORLD will help you decide.

Which counseling program is best for my case?

12-step? non 12-step?...Confused?. Take one step at a time. Detox first, then NEWORLD psycho-social experienced team helps you decide, and refers you to such a program.

The wrong choice for a treatment program may lead to failure, wasted money and time on top of frustration and agony.

Our Advantages

Over 20 years of experience focused on medical detox

We manage withdrawals professionally, safely, smoothly and comfortably under a 24/7 medical supervision

We guide you towards a variety of post detox rehabilitation treatment recovery options – residential or out-patient, private or government funded…

We are a 5 Star facility in a cozy and upscale countryside setting

We specialize in getting you off Methadone

We provide high quality care and undivided attention to a small number of clients

Every client recieves an individualized assessment by our Counselor

Conveniently located to serve Toronto and surrounding areas

Tailored treatment protocol following the most recent detox methods

A highly professional and dedicated team with a large variety of expertise

Still Unsure? Come Visit Our Facility For a Guided Tour Before Making Any Commitment