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Welcome to NEWORLD, a luxurious 5-star facility in Halton Hills.  We are conveniently located about 30 minutes away from Pearson Airport and about 50 minutes from Downtown Toronto.  We offer our program to a small number of guests to ensure undivided attention and the care they deserve.

During your stay at our beautiful, picturesque facility you will enjoy the serenity and tranquility of countryside living in a cozy family like setting while undergiong a smooth detox and professional medical care. All you will need to focus on is getting your health back!
We offer healthy food that is proven to help in this critical phase of detox, with lots of salads and veggies, as well as vitamins and minerals to replenish your body needs and difficiencies.
Our highly oriented customer care team will take good care of every detail to ensure your comfort and tranquility.
We apologize but our facility is not currently equipped for clients with a mobility handicap.


At NEWORLD Medical Detox, we are committed to providing a comfortable withdrawal process for our clients.

The process of admission to our facility is smooth and swift, starting with a pre-admission assessment that can be done over the phone.  

We know how you or your loved one might be suffering from unpleasant symptoms right now or will be imminently.

We will do our best to accept you at our premesis on the same day after the pre-admission assessment.

Admission pre-requisites:

  • Parents' consent if clients age is less than 18 years
  • Motivated to start addiction treatment
  • Complete the pre-admission in-take assessment done over the phone

What to bring with you:

Most important is to bring a positive attitude...
- Provincial health card and ID
- Drug benefit plan card if any
- Names and contact details for key contacts
- Sleepwear and slippers
- Your pillow if you want..
- Suitable seasonal clothing
- Prescription medication (if any).  Medication will be revised by our medical team.
- Toiletries (shaving cream, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
- Your preferred reading materials if any.
- Cash for incidental expenses.

All items will be revised by our security team.

Not permitted items:

- Laptop or tablet
- Clothing suggesting drug use or racism
- Expensive jewelry, sunglasses or watches
- Camera
- Any weapons (including pocket knives)
- Paraphernalia (drugs and/or alcohol)
- Toiletries containing alcohol
- Pornography


At Neworld we believe that your safety and the safety of others is of utmost importance.

Pre-admission info file

Thank you for your understanding

Please contact us for any questions or concerns.





Neworld Medical Detox Centre offers a complete residential detox treatment.

Our clients have to focus only on their wellbeing, leaving everything else at the hands of our highly experienced and professional team to take care of every detail. We always get comments on how swiftly and smoothly they passed their withdrawal symptoms at Neworld.

To guarantee a comfortable stay, Neworld amenities include

  • A luxurious 2 acre facility with lots of green areas and flowers.
  • Spacious living areas with entertainment options.
  • Private and semi-private rooms.
  • Fresh healthy meals prepared daily and around the clock snacks and fresh drinks proven to help in the detox process, as well as replenish low levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • Tuck shop for clients every day needs.
  • Swimming pool on site.
  • Available transportation by request to and from Neworld within reasonable distances.
  • Massage and Yoga session included in our Platinum package.
  • Art therapy included in our Platinum package.
  • Animal therapy included in our Platinum package.

Please call to inquire about other services available...


Program Packages

At Neworld Medical Detox, we promise safe medically proven withdrawal management. We provide our services in two main packages for your convenience:


  • Complete medical detox program, tailored and personalized to your case.

  • 24/7 medical care.

  • Psychosocial assessment to every client when the case permits and before discharge.

  • A professonal psychotherapist report based on the assessment to be given upon discharge.

  • Complete exit plan, tailored and discussed with client to continue post detox counseling recommended to every case.

  • Helping clients for post detox placement according to the discussed exit plan.

  • Selective lab examination and drug testing.


To complement your detox, we offer this package upon request to even maximize your state of wellbeing:

  • All above-mentioned luxury benefits PLUS

  • Massage therapy session to help ease stress and anxiety presented by our registered massage therapist.

  • Yoga session presented by our registered yoga therapist.

  • Art therapy: with the help of our professional team, express yourself through art.  Using many different ways of artistic methods, you can speak nonverbally through the work that you create. As emotions are sometimes painful to face, art-based methods allow the mind to express how you are feeling, in an unbiased and open approach. Art-based methods can include: colouring, drawing, sketching, painting, and using clay.

  • Animal therapy: Spend time with Moose, the Labrador Retriever therapy dog in training.
    Research shows that animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety and depression in people with a wide range of health problems. Also, studies have been focusing on the fact that interacting with animals can increase people's level of the hormone oxytocin and serotonin which has powerful effect to keep the body in a state of readiness to heal and to grow new cells, so it creates an environment where we can be healthier. Art and animal therapy are presented by our registered psychotherapist.


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