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There Is No “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach To Addiction Treatment.

No two users are alike. Since people are not all the same, we believe that treatment and detox protocols should also be tailored to each and every client. Choosing the appropriate model and subsequently increasing the individual’s chances for success depends on many factors. Addiction treatment modalities usually start with medical detoxification (medical withdrawal management) which is considered the critical stage of treatment whatever the following counseling modality might be.

At NEWORLD we know that there is “no one size fits all”. We personalize such treatment to fit every client, either through the detox phase or while helping choose the recovery protocol post detox. We work with you to match the exit plan to your specific needs and lifestyle. We believe this is crucial to achieve high rates of success and long term sobriety.

The common approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction includes :

Withdrawal management (Medical Detox)

When you are using some type of drugs or alcohol, your body and mind are dependent on such substances to function. Stopping the use of such chemicals results in what is called withdrawal symptoms. This is how your body reacts to low levels of the abused substance. Symptoms of such withdrawal are dependent on the drug used but may include agitation, anxiety, muscle aches, tearing, lack of sleep, shaking, tremors, among others. Some symptoms might be life threatening and need special medical attention. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the reasons the person continues to use and keep hesitant about starting therapy. Symptoms are now the barrier to seeking treatment.

The professional withdrawal management, or treating the physical symptoms, stabilizes the mid-brain dopamine tone so that the person can now be ready to pay attention, remember, attach to others and react. This is the time to start further treatment steps such as psycho-social management and other counseling programs.

Medical detox is the professional approach with regard to dealing with such withdrawals and helping to overcome them smoothly and safely. This is achieved by the administration of adjusted doses of medications to minimize these physical symptoms as much as possible, all under the medical supervision of the skilled physician. These medications are then tapered gradually coinciding with physical symptoms until stopped. This process should be followed by other treatment modalities that deal with the psychological aspect of addiction (counseling programs).


Counseling comes in a variety of forms and modalities (12-step, non 12-step, cognitive behavioral, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, EMDR, play therapy, group therapy, motivational interviewing, strength based, reality therapy, among others…).

Counseling generally aims to increase a person’s awareness of how substance use affects their lives, what triggers them to use and how to prevent relapse. Counseling also aims at helping examine user’s thoughts and emotions and learn how these inner experiences affects behavior, interaction with others and how others see them. Other goals are promoting physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, manage cravings and temptations to use substances and ultimately develop a healthy lifestyle and form relationships that aren’t focused on substance use.

NEWORLD believes in the importance of counseling programs post detox as an essential step in addiction recovery. The choice of the perfect program is crucial in maximizing chances of recovery. If the person is not receptive to a particular counseling modality mentioned above, the success rate might not be as expected. Many relapses are usually due to a wrong commitment early on to a program that is not fitting the addict personality or social status, among other reasons.

The Society of Addiction Medicine criteria is to match patients to appropriate treatment.
Under ASAM criteria assessment dimensions the first step is management of acute intoxication and/or withdrawal potential. NEWORLD provides withdrawal management services in inpatient setting. It’s the first step in the six dimensions of care outlined in the ASAM model.

Unbundling of Care

NEWORLD policy is to follow the most updated model of treatment. Therefore, the aspect that’s becoming important is unbundling of care. The concept of unbundling means providing addiction services that are not tied together and that can be provided in different settings.

ASAM is encouraging this to allow more flexibility of care and more patient choice. NEWORLD helps clients with withdrawal management services, then clients can proceed to either inpatient or outpatient care in any setting they choose with the help of our Certified Counselor’s recommendations. Withdrawal management services are not necessarily bundled with a specific inpatient treatment program. At NEWORLD, clients receive initial psychological assessment before proceeding to the next level of care and choosing where else they want to be treated post detox.

NEWORLD model is very progressive and fits into the current models of treatment dimensions.

At NEWORLD, we help select the appropriate form of counseling, residential or out-patient setting, length of stay and aftercare suggestions for each and every client post detox on a case-by-case basis, according to the clients needs, requirements and circumstances. Our professional psycho-social team will help plan with you the next step before discharge, to guide to the fitting program to your case. Choosing the right program is an important factor for addiction treatment success, sparing the agony, loss of time and money. We help get our clients on track for a program and treatment model to increase chances of success.

NEWORLD MEDICAL DETOX. We open a new world for our guests to further treatment. Our psycho-social team will work with you to decide your counseling treatment program that fits your case post detox.

At NEWORLD we combine our detox protocol with a psycho-social assessment and accordingly recommend the program that suits your assessment results. Call us Now!

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