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We’ve made some big changes to offer a new level of care

Neworld Medical Detox has been helping people safely detoxify from a wide range of substances for over six years. Now, under new management by Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres, Neworld is evolving to offer a new level of care, to better serve you in reaching your goals in recovery. 

A better medical detox experience. A better chance at a new life. 

When you start your recovery journey at Neworld Medical Detox, you’ll now receive compassionate, client-centred care from an expert team of on-staff Nurse Practitioners (instead of third-party independent physicians). Going forward, Dr. Vicky Nguyen, MD, PhD, FRCPC will be supporting this core team, providing on-site specialized psychiatric assessments and treatment to clients. Dr. Nguyen is also Medical Director at our Greenestone Centre for Recovery facility in Muskoka, and brings a new level of quality oversight to Neworld. By shifting from a traditional medical staffing model to a “medical mental health” model, we’re improving the quality of care we’re able to provide our clients in a few important ways: 

  1. More attentive care. Our Nurse Practitioners are always on-site and available to you. Previously, physicians were only available to our clients during specific times, limiting access to professional care when it was needed most. We’ve also added an on-site Recovery Coordinator, to add additional support for our care team.  
  2. More personalized care. Your personal health and care information will now be shared and kept within a dedicated team of care staff that truly knows you, rather than sharing that information with an independent physician. This prevents your case information from getting lost or forgotten, resulting in more personalized care with fewer mistakes. Referred to as “continuity of care” by health care providers, this approach is especially important for people with complex care needs, where there is greater risk of details and instructions falling through the cracks as responsibility for your care is passed between teams. 
  3. A more compassionate approach. Our Nurse Practitioners are highly trained and experienced in working with people living with mental health and addiction issues. They bring a unique compassionate, “person-first” approach to care that is hugely beneficial in helping people feel comfortable during the medical detox process. By training, they focus on your complete lived experience and emotional needs, not just the purely medical aspects of your situation, which sets you up for greater success during your stay. Also, our Nurse Practitioners are our employees, rather than independent service providers, which means they are fully committed to your recovery as core members of our full-time team. 

The new staffing model at Neworld Medical Detox is designed with your complete needs in mind. We can’t wait to show you the difference a few new friendly faces can make in your experience! 

Safe prescribing practices

Benzodiazepines (commonly called “benzos”) are often prescribed to reduce a person’s anxiety and discomfort during their stay. However, over-prescribing of these drugs can be extremely harmful to your mental and physical health, both in the short and long-term. 

A few of these harmful risks include:  

  • Habit-forming / drug dependence
  • Withdrawal symptoms, making the medical detox process more uncomfortable
  • Potential overdose, especially in clients who already use opioids
  • Long-lasting cognitive impairment
  • Oversedation, resulting in potential injury from falls

Through our mental health focused medical model, improvements have been made to our treatment protocols to reduce the use of benzos during the medical detox process, so that you and your loved ones start on the road to recovery safely, with the best possible chance of success. 

This does not mean that medication won’t continue to be used to help clients with acute short-term needs.  

For many people experiencing intense anxiety or discomfort, medication, including benzodiazepines can be a huge help during their stay. However, these medical cases will be assessed individually, and with the goal of limiting and reducing the use of benzos overall within our medical detox program. 

A renewed chapter for Neworld

While these important aspects of our program are changing, one thing is staying the same: our team remains fully committed to providing you the best possible medically-supervised detox experience. 

When you stay with us, you’ll still enjoy a comfortable home-like setting, with dedicated one-on-one attention from highly qualified staff who are personally invested in your recovery. Our Nurse Practitioners meet you where you are, addressing your needs in a complete and personalized way that takes into account your unique situation. Our new Recovery Coordinator adds another layer of support, ensuring your needs are always met at the highest level of quality. As always, we work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you, because we’re committed to your success. 

Neworld Medical Detox remains safe, non-judgmental, and always on your side throughout your recovery. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of these changes, or about our medical detox program in general, you can reach out to our leadership team at any time. 

We look forward to helping you, whenever you’re ready! 


Alex Perry
Executive Director, Neworld Medical Detox / Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

Roger Firsoff MN, ACNP, NP-PHC
Director, Nursing Services

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Neworld Promise

We believe that addiction is a treatable disease. At NEWORLD Medical Detox we promise our guests a tailored, professional medical detoxification process as well as a comfortable stay at our upscale homey residence. We take excellent care of every detail and any concurrent medical conditions, all while personalizing a detox protocol for safe withdrawal management. Upon discharge, we prepare our guests to return to their normal life routine. Given that detoxification is the first step in addiction treatment, our clients are assisted in deciding what their best second step for their personal situation will be. Our exit plan aids them pursuing the next steps to an addiction treatment program that suits every case and condition, maximizing their chances of success.

About Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres

Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) is Canada’s largest national care provider for substance use disorder and behavioural addictions. We’ve been empowering people in recovery for nearly 30 years through best-in-class, evidence-based and judgement-free treatment delivered in communities across Canada. Currently operating over 75 rapid access outpatient treatment centres, 26 specialized pharmacies, 4 intensive inpatient recovery centres and an innovative virtual program, we help thousands of people every day take back control of their lives, on their own terms. 

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