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How do I know if I or my loved one needs treatment?

Usually the following symptoms are an indication of an addiction that requires treatment: “can not pass the day without using drugs or alcohol, using drugs other than those required for medical reasons, increasing the dose of use over time, unable to stop drug or alcohol use alone; lost job or having trouble at work, social life is affected as a sequence of use“. We help assess the case and decide the need for treatment. Please contact us.       (More info.)

Do I need detox? Can I stop using on my own?

Although willpower is important for the decision to stop using, it might not be sufficient to help you stop. The choice to not use is much more complicated than a lack of willpower. Moreover, you will probably experience withdrawal symptoms once you stop. You might have even passed through this before. You will need detox in this case to build on your will and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and help you reach a clean, drug-free state. (More info).

At what stage of addiction should I contact you to start medical detox? Do I have to stop using before admission ?

The earlier the better. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to start treatment. As addiction is a serious chronic disease, it should be treated like any other chronic health disorder: the earlier the better. Early intervention could save thousands of lives and dollars spent on the consequences caused by out-of-control substance use. Our professional medical director can deal with whatever dosage use or addiction stage you are at.

What if my loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol but does not want to go for treatment?

Shaming, blaming and humiliating persons addicted to drugs or alcohol might only make their addiction worse. This attitude may even get them feel worse about themselves and may use more secretly. This situation is not solved by more punishment. If punishment worked, nobody would be addicted! Please contact us and we can help. Our interventionists are professionally trained to handle this situation.

Why attend a private medical detox only program ?

Whatever your drug of choice might be, Medical detox is an important step in your treatment. We specialize in this step. NEWORLD Medical Detox provides a dedicated professional medical team and 24/7 care in an upscale and serene countryside facility for a small number of guests. Experiencing a smooth withdrawal gives clients a great push for further treatment post detox. We use our extensive experience to develop a medical treatment plan that is tailored for every case to achieve smooth and safe withdrawal symptoms. Once clients complete our program they will be given several options for the following treatment steps prepared by our psycho-social team.

I have been using METHADONE for a long time. Can you help ?

It might be the time to get off methadone! We specialize in getting you off methadone. Depending on your dose, our physician will tailor a treatment protocol and will decide the duration of your stay. You will be totally off methadone upon completion of our detox protocol at our upscale residential facility.

What should I expect during withdrawal (medical detox), how will I feel?

Our medical treatment protocol will be tailored by our physician especially for your case to achieve a smooth and comfortable physical withdrawal. He assesses and monitors your condition to ensure minimal discomfort. Medications are fine tuned according to your progress through detox to ensure safe withdrawal management.

How long is the usual stay for medical detox?

This depends on many factors such as the drug of choice, dose, duration of abuse, among others. Our medical director will assess the case and develop a tailored protocol for a comfortable withdrawal. Please contact us to give us more info and estimate the duration of stay accordingly.

How will I feel physically after medical detox?

You will be past the withdrawal symptoms. You will be ready for the post detox treatment. Your body will be free from the drug you abused. We will have your exit plan ready by then for the next steps in your addiction treatment journey.

What are next steps after medical detox?
Will you help me plan what’s next?

Medical detox is an essential step in your addiction treatment. It is crucial that you seek treatment and counseling after detox. There are many options and modalities available for treatment. That is why you have to get a clear mind, by detoxing, before deciding on a program that is right for you. Our psychosocial team will assist you in planning your next steps once you are done with your withdrawal at our facility.

When can I go back to work and family?

Once you complete our medical detox program you will have a clearer mindset. You may be suitable candidate for a treatment program as an out-patient at any facility of your choice. This is planned with our psycho-social team while you are at NEWORLD to help refer you to the program that is right for you. While we are not affiliated to any rehab centre, we can direct you to a database of treatment centres (residential, out-patient or e-counseling) and treatment modalities.

What if I am on prescription medication or have a special medical condition?

Our physician will go through all your medication. He will supervise your medical condition treatment upon admission and as long as you are in NEWORLD Medical Detox. You should bring your prescribed medication with you upon admission.

I was informed that the admission criteria for my recovery centre is to be drug/alcohol free for at least 72 hours, can you help?

NEWORLD Medical Detox is the place for you. We specialize in medical detox which prepares you to be admitted to the residential addiction treatment centres. After detox, you can be admitted to the recovery centre of your choice. We are not affiliated to any centre.

Do you offer single rooms? What are the treatment packages? How much is the cost of detox?

At our upscale residential facility, you will have the option of staying in a single room (depending upon availability). Please refer to our program packages page. Because the withdrawal process is different for every client, we tailor each treatment plan to guarantee smooth withdrawal. That is why it is hard to publish a cost. This would depend on the detox protocol implemented among other factors. However, detox is a great investment in the addiction treatment journey. Please contact us for further details.

When can I or my loved one be admitted?

Call us now. Once we go through the admission criteria, you or your loved one may be admitted on the same day upon availability.

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