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Medical Detox is a crucial step in drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Detox is the short term for detoxification. Once you stop the use of the drug of choice or alcohol, the body reacts to its need for such a chemical by expressing a series of symptoms (withdrawals) that the user cannot tolerate. Some of these symptoms might be life threatening. It is highly recommended to not go through these symptoms without the help of professionals under strict medical supervision.

Detoxification is the first step towards a free-of-drug life. Without medical supervision and medication (cold turkey!), the detoxing process usually fails, despite the willingness to stop. The user will end up resorting back to using rather than suffering through the pain, anxiety, and uncomfortable withdrawals. This leads to more agony and trauma, further discouraging any future attempts at getting to a clean state. The user may even start to consume higher doses. More importantly, it may pose significant health risks and serious life threatening conditions.

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Medical Detox (medically-assisted withdrawal) is the process of the body ridding itself of the drug and/or alcohol abuse safely. Many of the symptoms of withdrawal are avoided due to the tailored treatment designed to alleviate such symptoms. This sets the stage and preliminary groundwork for all subsequent recovery efforts. Detox is the step toward becoming a clearheaded person that is able to address the different issues required for successful treatment.

Moreover, withdrawal symptoms are usually the obstacle or the excuse for the user to seek treatment. When the user experiences withdrawals safely and smoothly, he or she will have a huge push towards seeking further treatment through different counseling modalities.

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Benefits of a Residential Detox Facility:

  • Residential clients at NEWORLD are supervised by a dedicated medical staff 24 hours a day.
  • Residential clients are at a safe place that allows recovery while minimizing potential struggle with temptation and/or old habits. Medications administered help with the detox symptoms. Clients are gaining more hope while experiencing minimal withdrawals, building more will to pursue further recovery steps towards abstinence.
  • The serene environment of NEWORLD  helps clients to be protected from stress factors that may serve as triggers for resuming the use of alcohol or drugs. There are no responsibilities, no tension with co-users or other stress or triggering factors. The reduced stress in such a calming and healing environment serves clients to focus exclusively on getting better.
  • It is usually recommended that users have a professional detox in a residential facility if there is a history of overdose or relapse.

NEWORLD Detox process components:

  • Urine testing for the presence of substances in the body as well as screening for any physical conditions. Selective blood tests are done for the assessment of organ functions and blood picture.

  • Administering tailored treatment protocol to assist through the medical process of withdrawal and reaching a state in which the client is stable medically and free of the drug or alcohol abused.

  • Psycho-social assessment to prepare the client for entry into a comprehensive treatment program suitable to his or her case post detox, enhancing the chances of complete recovery and successful abstinence. We believe that this step is crucial. Guiding our clients to the suitable treatment program should help greatly in the success of their treatment journey.

We do NOT recommend home detox. Some withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and may include seizure, heart attack, stroke, and even death.

When it comes to your health, TAKE NO RISKS! There is a safe and more effective way to detox from drugs and alcohol. “Cold Turkey!” should NOT be an option!

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