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Neworld Medical Detox Centre Windsor, Ontario (Serving Residents of Windsor, Ontario)

Neworld Medical Detox is a 5-star residential detox facility in Ontario that serves residents of Windsor, Ontario. This complex is a short distance away from the Pearson Airport and Downtown Toronto. Neworld specializes in addiction withdrawal management and medical detox for an exclusive number of guests to bring about lasting change. We are aware that withdrawal is an important step in detox treatment that is why we give undivided attention to each individual guest so that they can receive the care that they deserve.

The Neworld medical detox centre is a beautiful facility where clients can enjoy a cozy and comfortable family-like setting. This facility provides the best drug and alcohol detox treatment while the guests enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the countryside. Our focus is to make the client comfortable while he/she regains his health.

Windsor Detox Centre

Services & Amenities at Neworld

At Neworld, we are continually trying to ensure that the clients feel totally safe and comfortable during this challenging withdrawal period and for this purpose, we have tried to provide every amenity for our valued guests. They are served nutritional, fresh food with lots of vegetables, salads, minerals, and vitamins to take care of any nutritional deficiencies. Special consideration is given to particular dietary needs and food allergies. We have organic mattresses on our beds so that there is little chance of allergy. Calm colors and designer furniture in every room give an aura of peacefulness and tranquility to the whole facility.

Detox Centre Windsor

Benefits of our Program

Detox is a crucial step on the road of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. At Neworld Medical Detox, we are aware that addiction is a very serious problem. Medical detox treatment helps our guests to overcome withdrawal symptoms while experiencing minimal discomfort. We use specific protocols to help our guests overcome the symptoms and side effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal while using effective medication. All detox programs are tailored specifically while keeping in mind the psychological and medical status of the client. These medication protocols and detox programs are periodically reviewed to ascertain their effectiveness. After the completion of our detox treatment, we guide our clients on various post detox recovery options to help them in their rehabilitation.

Why Should you Choose Neworld?

The team of experts at Neworld has been providing high quality care for over 20 years near Toronto and other surrounding cities. Each client receives a complete psycho-social assessment. After evaluation, each client is started on a withdrawal program which is managed safely, smoothly, and professionally under round the clock medical supervision.

At Neworld, we serve the locals of Windsor, Ontario and cater to a small number of clients at a particular time and, so that we can provide them with undivided attention and the best quality care. We specialize in getting our guests off methadone by using the updated detox methods following tailored treatment protocol. Our highly specialized and dedicated team of professionals is proficient in a wide area of expertise. You can reach out to Neworld Medical Detox if you are abusing any of the following: Fentanyl, Percocet, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, Alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine/Crack, Amphetamines and Meth, Prescription medication misuse and other sleeping/mood altering medications.

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