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Program Packages

At NEWORLD Medical Detox, we offer safe medical withdrawal management. We deliver our services through two main packages for our clients’ convenience:

GOLD Package

  • A medical  detox program, tailored and personalized to every client’s case and condition.

  • 24/7 medical care.

  • Full board comfortable stay.

  • Psycho-social assessment before discharge, and a report upon discharge.

  • Tailored exit plan, personalized and discussed with client to continue recommended post detox treatment.

  • Help for post detox placement according to the discussed exit plan.

  • Selective lab examination and drug testing.


To complement your detox, we offer this package upon request to maximize your state of wellbeing:

  • All above-mentioned luxury benefits PLUS…

  • Massage therapy session to help ease stress and anxiety.

  • Yoga session.

  • Art therapy: Express yourself through art.  Using many different ways of artistic methods, you can speak non-verbally through the work that you create. As emotions are sometimes painful to face, art-based methods allow the mind to express how you are feeling, in an unbiased and open approach. Art-based methods can include: coloring, drawing, sketching, painting, and using clay.

  • Animal therapy:

    Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety and depression in a wide range of health problems. Studies have been focusing on the fact that interacting with animals can increase the level of the hormone oxytocin and serotonin which has powerful effect to keep the body in a state of readiness to heal and grow new cells, so it creates an environment where we can be healthier.

How can animal therapy help with addiction treatment

– Spending time with a pet reduces stress. This is important to recovery because stress and anxiety are usually the most common triggers that lead to using. Petting animals helps the body release tension which ease the feeling of pressure that stress can have. It feels similar to meditation in some way. Clients become more relaxed and able to think more clearly for their post detox plan.

– Pets depend on us for their survival. There is a strong bond that forms when we are responsible for someone’s survival. Being responsible for someone’s survival brings out strength that you did not know you have.

– Animals don’t judge or discriminate. They don’t care that you were an addict or that you did things you’re ashamed of in the past. They don’t care how you look. Unconditional love like that helps heal things clients didn’t even know were broken. It helps loving yourself again.

– Addiction can sometimes make us feel alone, like no one understands us. It is sometimes difficult to open up to people but not to a dog. This helps clients to open up and get the psycho-social team to have a clearer picture about clients situation and circumstances. The result is a near perfect, personalized exit plan that maximizes chances of success in the post detox program.

How can massage therapy help with addiction treatment

Massage is beneficial in all stages of quitting an addiction: withdrawal, detoxification and abstinence. It is also helpful addition for our clients with pain relief medication problem. Incorporating massage into our detox program is very much advantageous. As we at NEWORLD always follow evidence based approach for our treatment protocol, we believe in the healing power of a therapeutic touch.

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According to the Touch Research Institute in Miami, the physiological effects of massage on the body are due to massage’s ability to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone. The result is decreased pain, diminished autoimmune response, enhanced immune response, increased alertness and performance, decreased anxiety, depression, agitation and cravings.

In order to understand the connection between massage therapy and its benefit in addiction treatment, we have to link this to the neurological biochemistry of addiction, in which part of it can be explained by the so-called ‘pleasure pathway’ of the brain. This works in part by the release of dopamine, the chemical messenger responsible for making us feel good when we engage in any pleasurable activity. It is well known that dopamine levels are significantly lower than average during the withdrawal process and into early recovery until brain chemistry normalizes. Massage produces long-term results of increasing dopamine levels.

Moreover, in an edition of General Pharmacology magazine, a research reported that massage therapy increased the amount of beta-endorphins in the blood. The release of endorphins during a massage is very much beneficial for a recovering user.

The combined effect of massage in increasing dopamine levels, decreasing cortisol levels and the release of endorphins makes it a perfect addition to NEWORLD medical detox program.

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Lastly, the increased blood circulation that occurs with massage is very much desirable during the detoxification process. Therapeutic massage’s invigoration of blood and lymphatic fluid allows for a more efficient exchange of oxygen rich nutrition into the body tissues, and the delivery of toxic waste products out. Together with NEWORLD  healthy food served, this allows for all systems of the body to function more efficiently with improved circulation and a reduction in tension of the soft tissues and musculature.