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Getting off Methadone

Are you on a methadone prescription and want to stop? You might have a chance to free yourself from your daily methadone dosing!

NEWORLD offers a special program for Methadone users to break the cycle and free them of their dependency.


Methadone addiction and abuse is a problem and unfortunately it continues to grow. Patients are prescribed methadone because they have become addicted to other opioids. Methadone is meant to be a stepping stone to help users get off the other opioids and street drugs and allow the body to function just on it. Long-term methadone usage might not be for everyone.

All patients have both a right to treatment and a right to refuse treatment. We also believe that patients on a methadone plan who wish to go for abstinence treatment should have the right to do so. Moreover, with some users, being on methadone maintenance does not stop them from abusing a lot of other drugs. This complicates the situation and might lead to a dangerous health risk.

At NEWORLD Medical Detox we understand this problem. Our methadone clinic Toronto offer patients on methadone the abstinence alternative. We implement a specially customized methadone detox protocol for each and every case to safely detoxify clients off their use. Whatever the client’s methadone dose might be, our medical director has a methadone prescribing license and can safely do the taper to allow clients to be down to a more manageable dose. He then puts clients on other alternative medication which has a better safety profile compared to methadone, can stop craving and prevent withdrawal symptoms, before withdrawing all the opioids out of the body system. We ensure that we use the appropriate prescription medications to allow our clients to recover from methadone use without serious side effects or withdrawals. We are experts in this process and do our best to make this safe and effective. Clients walk out free of their methadone! Clients feel great as methadone dosing burden is off their shoulder!


A psycho-social assessment will be conducted by NEWORLD‘s team before discharge to plan for your treatment upon completion of the detox program. A report will be written and given to you. This tailored exit plan will be discussed with you and/or your family to help to achieve success in the addiction treatment journey post detox.

Its time to free yourself from your daily Methadone dosing! Call us NOW.