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Opioid Detox

Are you prescribed opioid pain relief medications such as Percocet, Oxycontin or any other? Are you not getting better and still in pain?

OxyContin is a synthetic pain reliever that was first introduced in 1995 and really sparked the huge increase in narcotic prescribing and opioid addiction. It was first used in the United States and came up to Canada shortly after introduction and has been prescribed multiple times by physicians to their patients to manage severe pain. Unfortunately, it is a commonly abused narcotic pain reliever. OxyContin is often combined with other drugs and can be injected, smoked or swallowed as a pill.

NEWORLD offers a special program for Methadone users to break the cycle and free them of their dependency.

Whether you are using this drug, percocet, or other opioid medications for pain relief, your body becomes dependent on this use, requiring professional detoxification to get off your prescribed dose.

This is a common opioid addiction we treat at NEWORLD Medical Detox. Medical detox is strongly recommended as a start in opioid use disorder treatment. At NEWORLD, we follow the most recent guidelines as per the Canadian Medical Association which is intended to promote the use of evidence-based interventions for treatment of opioid use disorder across the addiction care continuum in Canada. It strongly recommends opioid agonist treatment with buprenorphine–naloxone as the preferred first-line treatment when possible, because of buprenorphine’s multiple advantages, which include a superior safety profile in terms of overdose risk.

We have a specific program for Oxys and percocet users. Once again, we make sure we have our clients in a safe medically supervised environment; our physician prescribes medications to detoxify the opioid and control the common withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, shaking and chills. Clients are safely off the drugs of abuse, clear minded and able to decide their next steps to tackle their addiction problems or pain issue. NEWORLD physician is a member of the Canadian Pain Society. He can suggest a non-narcotic pain relief plan for clients post detox.

NEWORLD Medical Detox follows a special protocol for pain sufferers to manage their detox and help guide to a non-narcotic alternative and complimentary therapy when possible.

We well know that no person on pain medication wants to be on them. You are not getting high but your body is physiologically addicted.

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A psycho-social assessment will be conducted by NEWORLD‘s team before discharge to plan for your treatment upon completion of the detox program. A report will be written and given to you. This tailored exit plan will be discussed with you and/or your family to help to achieve success in the addiction treatment journey post detox.

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