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Reliance on alcohol and drugs to get through life takes a toll on your mind and body. You may not feel it, but you tend to shrink physically, mentally and emotionally. And so the cruel cycle goes: the more you shrink, the more you are dependent on your addictions.

However, as the cloak of intoxication falls from you, you will regain your strengths. It is a truly beautiful self-discovery you will journey on. You will emerge, after rehabilitation, truly, better, faster and stronger.

There is no happier success story for us than to see you overcome the stumbling block that was alcohol. And there is a lot we have learnt from our clients too. All our successful clients have discovered new facets for joy in their lives, and we are happy to share them with you.

Here’s what you have to look forward to after beating your addictions.

An end of the ‘crash’ and depression cycle

Reliance on alcohol and drugs to ‘get over depression’ is a cruel irony. These substances only deepen your depression. After alcohol and drug rehab, virtually all people realize their depression was fuelled by intoxication in the first place.

Mood swings be gone

As the ‘highs’ go away, so do the lows. Your mind and body return to a healthier state and you will find your mood swings lessen dramatically. After all, you are in charge of your life, not surrendered to alcohol.

Control over your faculties

Alcohol rehab helps you re-discover better hand-eye coordination and increased control over your movements. After long stints of alcohol dependence, people tend to forget the control they have over their faculties.

Discovering an intellect and focus long forgotten

You are an intelligent being, and brave for choosing to recognize your addiction. At an alcohol treatment centre you heal yourself mentally. Your growing intellectual capabilities will surprise even you. Moreover, your newfound focus will help you join the world with confidence.

Healthier living

During alcohol and drug rehab you are bolstered physically. Healthy eating helps you detox faster and reclaim your lost strengths. You will find yourself falling ill less often and feel just much more robust in your physical being.

Finding a community that understands you

This is perhaps the most important outcome. Alcohol rehab embraces you into a community that is truly caring and understanding. What’s more, your shared experiences are understood by everyone, and you build lifelong supportive relationships.

Repairing old relationships and building new ones

Be committed to your rehabilitation and you will find broken relationships heal over time. But, equally important, is how people build new ones. Built on mutual understanding and shared respect, they will help you move on from your days of intoxication.

Professional success

Time at an alcohol treatment centre may feel like time lost from professional development. But, really, you are saving your career. Reinvigorated, our clients have found they are respected much more by their colleagues and management. In time, professional success will lead to your wholesome growth.

Tackling problems head-on

Obstacles are part of everyone’s lives. With alcohol and drug rehab you will discover your natural ability to surmount challenges. Therefore, it’s these experiences that make you grow as a person. In time, you will find yourself equal to challenges that come your way.


An alcohol treatment centre that understands you

Neworld has 20 years of experience helping people through their detox. We help you manage your withdrawal professionally and under round-the-clock medical supervision. And our premium residential experience is cozy and comfortable.

We are not just a place where you detox – we are a home for a happier community.