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Fighting addiction is much more than just beating the symptoms of withdrawal. However you rate your level of addiction, know this: addiction has real, physical consequences. Simply cutting out the substance is not enough. Rebuilding your life and truly beating addiction and addictive behaviour requires more than a ‘point’ and ‘step’ program. It needs a full body reset – it needs holistic rehab.

To break the grip of addiction, you need to invest time and energy into rebuilding yourself.

Holistic Therapy – A step towards a new ‘YOU’

Holistic therapy is the process of healing the mind, body, and spirit through non-medicinal treatment methods (though they are not mutually exclusive). Holistic suggests ‘the whole person,’ and, thus, holistic rehab aims to develop a strong foundation for the overall development of the individual. Holistic rehab not only treats the symptoms of addiction but also caters to the psychological and physical needs of the seeker to cure their addiction.

A cure or just weaning off?

Be it alcoholism, substance abuse or any form of drug addiction, holistic rehab focuses on the complete cure of the individual by detoxing their mental, emotional and physical health. Full service treatment centers, such as Neworld, amalgamate traditional as well as conventional approaches for the effective recovery process. The stages include identifying the reason for addiction, developing resistance through various treatment lines, boosting self-confidence, providing emotional support and, ultimately, making an individual’s alcohol and drug rehab journey a success!

Types of holistic addiction therapies

Drug and alcohol rehab centers use various holistic therapies, depending on the needs as well as the level of alcohol and drug rehab required by the person for healing. These therapies include:

Health and Nutritional Therapy

Be it lack of appetite or binge eating, in most addiction cases, the body suffers huge nutrition loss, leading to weakness and lower immunity. This therapy brings back the desired nutritional balance in the body through a controlled and healthy diet.

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Recreational Therapy

Encouraging individuals for a fitness regime through various physical exercises, this therapy brings in discipline and strength. Only select drug and alcohol rehab centers can chart out different exercise plans like rock-climbing, hiking, stretching exercises, rehab yoga, breathing exercises and more to keep the individuals engaged in activities.


Not only does this therapy bring positivity in peoples’ lives, but also fills the mind with peace and hope. Guided rehab yoga, tai chi or reiki in conjunction with meditation have proven very beneficial in treating alcohol and drug rehab patients, and making a full physical, mental and emotional recovery.


Massage and acupuncture techniques help to relieve the stress and strain that the body goes through in their journey of de-addiction. Massages help promote blood circulation, reduce tension in the body, provide quiet time for reflection – in essence, massages are the perfect companion to other holistic therapies.

Choosing the right rehab facility

You have travelled half of your rehab success journey the day you decided to choose one! Depending upon the severity of the drug or substance abuse, you should check for holistic programs and offerings. You should also inquire about the location and the staff-patient ratio of the center for proper guided attention. It’s why Neworld offers a private place for you to regain your strength and get back on your feet.

Expectations and Effectiveness of Holistic Therapy

This non-medicinal, but certainly not non-medical, treatment encourages more people to participate in rehab. Holistic therapy assures of long-term recovery following the path of detox and rehab. Not only de-addiction but these therapies provide all-round development by instilling positivity and emotional strength among the rehab seekers.